Monday, November 19, 2007

The Weekly Thermometer- Week 11

This is a look at the fantasy temperature of who is hot, cold, and lukewarm. We will examine a few players in each temperature range each week.

The Counselor is IN:

Who is Hot?
WR Dwayne Bowe is red hot. Bowe is a rookie Wide Out for the Kansas City Cheifs. He has remained hot even though he has a new inexperienced QB. If it were not for Adrian Peterson, Bowe would be the rookie of the year.

WR Randy Moss is molten lava hot. He has brought his career out of the oblivion, known as Oakland, and reminds us why teams used to fear him. He continues to own defensivebacks and appears to score at will. He bails out Brady any time Brady is in trouble ("If Brady is in trouble, I am not slow, it is hip, body check, push off, and away I go!").

The Rams are hot right now. Since starting 0-8, they have changed things around and now have won their last two games. They appear to finally be getting some of their players healthy. Jackson is running the ball well. Bulger is finding Holt and Bruce. They will still be a top ten draft pick but they are playing their way out of the top 5.

Who is Lukewarm?

QB Vince Young is lukewarm. He can make plays with his legs. He is throwing the ball well. The problem is his receivers are dropping way too many passes.

QB Brodie Croyle is lukewarm. This is this not a bad thing for a QB making his first start in the NFL. At moments, he looked great for the Chiefs but at other moments he looked like a first time starter. He has a lot of potential.

QB Peyton Manning is lukewarm. He is playing as if his name was Eli. In fact Eli was much better than Peyton this week. Peyton misses Harrison a great deal. I am sure Peyton will heat up as the playoffs get closer.

Who is Cold?

K Adam Vinatieri is ice cold. He does not appear healthy. He is missing field goals that he could not in his sleep last year. This is having a huge negative impact on the Colts. He has been the man on the field with ice in his veins when trying to kick game winners. No longer does that ice run through his veins but rather in his play.

The Titans Receiving corp is ice cold. Vince Young made some great passes this week but most of them were dropped by the receivers. Doink, doink, doink! Don't throw it at their hands Vince, that is their weakness.

The Miami Dolphins continue to be sub-zero cold- closing in on absolute zero. They are 0-10. They have a great chance to make history and go 0-16. With the first pick in the draft the Miami Dolphins pick ...

The Counselor is OUT:

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