Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Rangers Win First Playoff series

The Counselor is IN:

As a Texas Rangers fan, this is a time of celebration.  Congratulations Rangers.  Don't celebrate to long because you will be facing the New York Yankees come Friday. 

It is a strange story how I became a Rangers fan.  I grew up and still live in Southwest Missouri.  In the early 80s both  the ST. Louis Cardinals and Kansas City Royals were fantastic.  Since they were both so good, the local fans would argue over which team was better.  I grew tired of these debates so I picked a random team from the list of MLB teams.  I had no idea where the Texas Rangers played (other than in Texas).  I continued to cheer for both the Cardinals and Royals but from that time forward, I am a Texas Rangers Fan first.

As I started rooting for the Rangers, I quickly learned that this team was not like the Royals and Cardinals of the early 80s.  The Rangers were not a winning team and did not have a positive mentality. It did not matter because I picked them as my team and I continued to cheer for them. 

I loved the Nolan Ryan years for the Rangers.  I still smile when I think about Nolan Ryan beating the snot (and blood) out of Robin Ventura. 

I hoped and dreamed the Rangers of the late 90s when the made the playoffs but then ousted by the Yankees. 

I am very excited about the Rangers victory over the Rays.  It was a strange series with the road team winning each game.  I was enthralled with tonights game with the Rangers aggressive base running to take the lead and keep it on the Rays.  Go Rangers and beat the Yankees.

The Counselor is OUT: