Wednesday, December 15, 2010

New Years Day should be Bowl Day

The Counselor is IN: 

The Tostitos BCS Championship Game  is on January 10th this year.  When I heard this I was taken back by it. My first thought was, “why is it so late in the year?”  I do understand the answer is money but I am frustrated with that answer.

I know I might sound like some old timer with these thoughts but I hate that the College football season does not end on New Years Day.  When I was a youth, all of the big College Bowl games occurred on January 1st. There were some minor Bowl games during the week after Christmas, but the 1st was College Bowl Day.  We would watch the top level Collegiate football all day long.

This season there are 7 Bowl games after the New Year.  There are a few big historical Bowl games on this list like the Orange Bowl, Sugar Bowl, Cotton Bowl and of course the BCS Championship Bowl game.  But there are other ones that are not big name games after New Years like GoDaddy.Com Bowl, and Kraft Fight Hunger Bowl.  

When the BCS game started, they slated it to January 2nd.  I did not like it then.  Now it is on January 10th.  When does this extending of the season end?  Is Martin Luther King Jr Day the next big Collegiate Bowl day?  Why not push it back to the weekend before the Super Bowl or put it on Presidents Day?  Why not start March Madness off with the BCS Game?  

Lets end the insanity and make New Years Day the big Bowl game day that it was in years past.

 The Counselor is OUT: