Sunday, March 30, 2008

GM NFL Mock Draft is underway @ CP

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The GM NFL Mock Draft is underway at Cowboys Pride. It is an interesting approach to a mock draft. They let members volunteer to be the GM of a team and draft for them.

They have completed the first five picks of this draft. They are listed below.

1.Miami Dolphins - Gage - Chris Long, DE/OLB, Virginia
2.St Louis Rams - Larry Bud - Glenn Dorsey, DT, LSU
3.Kansas City Chiefs (f/ATL)*- Larry Bud - Jake Long, OT, Michigan
4.Oakland Raiders - Mike - Darren McFadden, RB, Arkansas
5.Atlanta Falcons (f/KC)*- smashmouth - Matt Ryan, QB, Boston College

I am known as Larry Bud on CP and I did draft for both the Chiefs and the Rams. I was able to swing a trade for Jake Long with the Chiefs. I did a post pick trade of Matt Ryan and the Chiefs first 4th round pick and their 5th round pick for Jake Long.

Anyway, check out the GM Draft at Cowboys Pride. You never know how those crazy fans will draft for your favorite team.

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Friday, March 28, 2008

Get a haircut and get an NFL job

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The NFL owners will come together this weekend end for their annual owners meeting. They will discuss numerous things including some possible rule changes. The force out rule is being reviewed. Wide receivers may have to get both feet in bounce even if they are pushed out. But this is not the most interesting rule change proposal.

The possible rule change that caught my eye was the proposed ban on long hair on the outside of the jersey. Players would be allowed to keep their long hair but they would have to tuck it into their helmet and jersey. This could cause issues for players like Polamalu, Harris, and McKensie, who are known for their long flowing hair, and force them to change their Sunday signature looks. Some of the owners believe that the long flowing hair is a possible injury risk.

Below are a couple of excerpts from the SI article.

“The rule banning long hair on the field was proposed by Kansas City. It does not require players to get haircuts, but does ‘require them to tuck it up inside their helmets,’ said Atlanta president Rich McKay, chairman of the league's competition committee.” (SI)

“Because the rule was proposed by a team, the competition committee did not take a position on it. It will be discussed Monday with a package of other rules.” (SI)

I think the NFL is making too many nitpicking rules. I have heard the NFL referred to as the "No Fun League". This is true with all their crazy rules about celebrating. Some of this nitpicking started with the "Emmitt Smith Rule" of not taking off your helmet after scoring a touchdown.

I do understand the concern for injury in this case. If the hair is on the outside of the jersey, then the players are allowed to grab the hair in an attempt to bring down that player. This could lead to neck and head injuries. But we are talking about grown men. If a man wants to leave his hair flowing out of the uniform so another man can entangle the hair and to force that man down to the ground, then let him learn the hard way. If that happens a few times, then maybe they will learn to keep their hair tucked in.

PS: Roy Williams- don't go for the horse collar, but go for the flowing locks extending from the helmet.

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Top 13 Fantasy Baseball Tips

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The majority of Fantasy Baseball Drafts occur during the next two weekends. Since I has won 6 out 11 of his fantasy baseball league seasons, let me give you my top 13 draft rules and hints.

1) Know the rules of your league. It is important to know if you are in a 4x4 standard auction league or if you are in a 5x5 draft style head to head league. It makes a difference on how you draft. There will be other owners that will not pay attention to this and you can have a better team to start off with.

2) Be over prepared. Do not just buy a magazine and head to the draft. Prepare your own list. You need to know what players are injured, the ones that have been traded, and the ones that have been demoted. There are great tools out there like Rotoworld that can help you research players.

You should come with a long list of players in each position. You should have a bunch of Outfielders and Pitchers left on the list at the end of the draft. It is much better to over prepare than under prepared. Do not let yourself be the owner that is looking over the opening day roster to find his last two pitchers.

You need to know what players are starting and what ones are coming off the bench. You need to know who the 5th starter for Kansas City will be but hope that you never need it. You need to know who won the closing job for each team. Many of your fellow owners will not know who is closing for Tampa Bay.

This will also assist you later in the year when you need to pick up for injuries.

3) Do not put too much stock in Spring Training. The players do not take Spring Training seriously and neither should you. The only time I put any stock in spring training is if you are checking on a player that was injured last year (especially a pitcher). Otherwise, ignore these stats.

4) Do not punt any categories. This strategy has never worked for me. It is more difficult to find a trade partner to recover these categories than promised. The punt strategy may have worked when it was first introduced but most fantasy owners know about it and do not want to help you out with a trade if you are going with this strategy.

5) Know your fellow owners. If you are in a reoccurring league, then get to know the other owners typical strategies. Most of them will not change their strategy from year to year. You will know who is willing to over pay for the superstar and who will wait to the end to pick up the sleepers.

6) Know what other teams need. If it is a keeper league, take a list of who other teams kept and track who they pick up. If not, then track the positions that other owners need. You need to know what teams need what players continually through your draft.

7) Don't be a jerk. Giving other owners misinformation may help you win this year but it will not help you in the future. No one wants to trade with the jerks out there. They will want to see you lose. They may even trade players to other teams to see you lose. I have seen this bite people in the butt.

8) Do not give away too much information. If someone asks you if A-Rod is injured, you should let him know if he is or not. Being seen as an expert can be used to your advantage. But if you give him too much information, then this can harm your strategy. You do not have to tell him that A-Rod may be out for 2-4 months (This is just an example- he is not actually hurt). Do not share your strategy or who you are targeting with other owners. They will use it against you.

9) Bluffing is acceptable. It is alright to moderately talk up a player that you do not want to own. It is also okay to moderately talk down a player you really want. Do not get carried away with it . If you bluff too much or too intensely, then you will be seen as a jerk. (see #7).

10) Look at position scarcity. There are positions where talent is always thin such as Second Base. You should be willing to pay an extra few dollars to get a top quality player. There are other positions that have an abundance of talent such as Outfield and First Base. This will vary if it is a keeper league. You might find that in your league all of the good Third Basemen were kept but two.

11) Outfielders can be a dime a dozen. I am not telling you not to draft a top Outfielder or two. But this position does have the most talent of any out there. I have found it easy to find good quality Outfielders for a cheap price at the end of the draft. You can live with a dollar Outfielder much more than a dollar Starting Pitcher or Short Stop.

12) Know the prospects. It is important to know who the prospects that are available. You can find steals at the end of the draft with high upsides. Be cautious of pitching prospects because they tend to take longer to develop in the Bigs. This is extremely important in keeper leagues.

13) Have fun. Fantasy baseball is meant to be enjoyable. You draft should be also. Enjoy the comradeship at your draft. The draft is my favorite part of any fantasy season (other than winning).

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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Why does the American Pastime start it's season in Japan?

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Major League Baseball has often been referred to as the National Pastime (or America's Pastime). It is viewed up there with apple pie and Fourth of July. We associate it strongly with our country. Even now days when the NFL is a more popular sport, there is still something special about baseball.

I always look forward to opening day. I associate it with the end of winter and the beginning of spring. This year, I feel disjointed because the MLB season has already begun in Japan. To me it is very strange that we let our National Pastime open its season in another country. I don't even like when the first game of the season opens in Canada.

I understand that there is a large baseball fan base in Japan. Many of their stars have joined Major League Baseball. I am sure that the game drew a lot of supporters. I am glad that are able to connect with other countries like Japan and Korea. But I do not appreciate that we forfeit our opening day to another country.

I do not know how to solve the issue but it really bothers me.

I am writing this post while watching Fox Sports' broadcast of today's Cardinals/Orioles Spring Training game. It is an oddity to watch a Spring Training game after two teams have played two regular season games. At least baseball is back.

Play ball!

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Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Cowboys Pride to celebrate birthday

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Cowboys Pride is turning 1 year old on March 23, 2008. The fine folks (Deb and Reg) at CP are throwing a party. Check them out. Happy Birthday CP. Love your site.

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You be the GM for the NFL Draft

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The fine folks at Cowboys Pride are having an unique kind of mock draft. They have the mega draft experts with the official CP mock NFL draft of the first and second rounds. But that is not what I am talking about. I am discussing the Mock Draft GM Contest.

You can be the GM of one (or more) of the NFL's team for the first two rounds. This is will start in a few weeks. Get in now and you will be able to draft for a team or you can trade your picks for other picks. Below is a list of teams that are left to GM.

Here is a list of the teams that are still available:

San Francisco 49ers
Baltimore Ravens
Cincinnati Bengals
Buffalo Bills
Denver Broncos
Carolina Panthers
Chicago Bears
Arizona Cardinals
Philadelphia Eagles
Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Washington Redskins
Pittsburgh Steelers
Tennessee Titans
Seattle Seahawks
Indianapolis Colts
Green Bay Packers

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Tuesday, March 04, 2008

#4 Packs up and Retires

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Today, Brett Favre, #4, laid down his six-shooter and retired from gun slinging. This August, the Packers will have a QB not named Favre starting for the fist time in 275 games. Next fall, Brett will be hunting instead of playing football.

I am very sad by this announcement. Brett is one of the few players that I really like that is no on my favorite team. I found myself rooting for the Packers when they were not playing my team because of his personality. Brett has spectacular charisma.

He has faced a ton of hardships, from his wife having cancer, to his father's death, and to his addition to prescription pain medication. He did all of this in the public eye. It only made him more human and made me like him more.

Brett is the best QB I have ever seen in my life time. He made passes that no one ever could dream off. Sometimes it backfired but he always kept trying.

We will miss you Brett.

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Kansas City Chiefs Needs List

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The NFL Draft is coming up on April 26. I will examine some of the draft needs for a few different teams. As a Missouri Boy, I will examine a Missouri Team: the Kansas City Chiefs.

The Chiefs have the fifth over all pick in the draft. Here are some of their needs.

Offensive Tackle — Five years ago, the Chiefs had an offensive line to be feared. Any average running back would have been a stud behind that line. Those days are behind the Chiefs. Their great line got old. Now this is their greatest need. A stud running back like Larry Johnson had problems last year running behind their current line.

A stud offensive tackle could instantly improve this team. If the mammoth tackle Jake Long is available, they will jump up and down and smile the entire 12 minutes of their allotted time. If not, they will have to decide if another tackle like Ryan Clady would be worth their fifth over all pick.

Defensive Tackle — The Chiefs need a big body upfront. They need a big man to stop the run and one to pressure the opposing QB. If OT Long is off the board, they may decide to take a DT stud. They may consider either Dorsey (if still available would be a steal if healthy) or Ellis.

Offensive Guard — As stated previously, they need to improve the aging offensive line. An upgrade at guard could really help. Look to the second or third round for them to grab a guard.

Quarterback This is a maybe need. Many in the Chiefs organization believe that Croyle is their QB of the future. If this is true, then ignore this need. If not, then the second round would be a great place to pick up a QB.

Wide Receiver— The Chiefs needed WRs badly going into last year’s draft. They found a goldmine in Bowe. They need another receiver on the other side to take the pressure off of Bowe and Gonzalez. If they could find the right WR, then they may spend a 2nd round pick on WR.

Cornerback The Corners are not young on the Chiefs. With all of their other needs, this may not be address in the early rounds of the draft. There are plenty of good CB they could score with their second round pick but I would not count on them going that way.

Defensive End This is not the largest need for this team but they would love to add another pass rusher. Their pass rush was not very impressive in 2007. If they could get a Chris Long or a Gholston then they may go with a DE for their first pick.

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Monday, March 03, 2008

St. Louis Rams Needs List

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The NFL Draft is coming up on April 26. I love the draft and the whole process. I will examine some of the draft needs for a few different teams. As a Missouri Boy, I will start with the St. Louis Rams.

The Rams have the second over all pick in the draft. The Rams have a bunch of needs to fill. If a team is willing to give them multiple first/second round picks, then it might be worth making a trade. Here are some of their needs.

Offensive Tackle — When Pace went down last year, so did the whole team. Bulger was on his back more than a two bit... well you know. The running game never got started even when Jackson came back from injury. This team could use a stud O.T. like Jake Long to shore up the line.

Defensive End — Both of the Defensive Ends are in their thirties (not old for fans but old for football players). They would love to get a stud Defensive End that could pressure the passer. They were horrible at pass rushing last year. If some how Chris Long (Howie's son) fell to the Rams, they would be hard pressed not to take him.

Offensive Guard — The Rams not only need a new tackle but could also use a stud O.G. to solidify the middle of that line. They are unlikely to use a first round pick for a Guard but a second or third is not out of consideration.

Defensive Tackle— The Rams could use a stud up front to stop the run and plug the middle. This is not as big of a need but they could get a stud player with their first pick. Dorsey has been rumored as this pick and he is a potential monster in the middle but his health questions will probably scare off the Rams from using their second overall pick.

Cornerback — They could use a top level corner. I don't expect them to use their first round pick. A potential stud CB like Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie could fall to the early 2nd round.

Quarterback — It is time to start looking at Bulger's replacement for the future. Bulger was injured (sacked a thousand times seems to do that) last year again. There are many good QB prospects in the second and third rounds.

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Sunday, March 02, 2008

Mock Draft Updated- Cowboys Pride

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The fine folks at Cowboys Pride have put up the latest mock draft. This includes round one and two. They have made updates since the Combine. Redadmin is leading the charge at CP with many other fine draft experts.

If you sign up at for membership at Cowboys Pride, then you can join the Mock Draft GM Contest. This allows you to draft for one of the 32 teams.

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Fantasy Baseball Links

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Here are some Fantasy Baseball Links:

Fantasy Baseball Forums with fantasy articles:
NO Limit Sportsline
Cowboys Pride

General Fantasy Baseball Sites:

Fantasy Baseball Hub
This is one of my favorite website. It has all the information you can want for your fantasy league. Check them out.

This is the site that I go for fantasy news. It is the best fantasy news site out there.

BaseballDocs Fantasy Baseball
This site has great color coded cheatsheets that can be broken down by league or mixed.

Fantasy Information Central
This is a great news site and has some fantasy rankings.

Fantasy Baseball Cafe
This is a nice little site with cheetsheets, sleepers, and regular articles.

Sport Fanatics
These guys have a wonderful draft kit and it is free.

Great fantasy baseball information. This is the Site I will be using this year to run my league. Only 49.95 for the Commissioner League services. I paid twice as much last year and was not happy. I am impressed with Fanball.

Fantasy Article, tools, and Daily News.

Baseball America
This is a great resource for information. I rely on their prospects list when looking for minor league nuggets.

B Ball Deluxe
Has depth charts, auction dollar amounts, articles, prospects, and much more.

Barracuda Fantasy Sports
Another great resource site.

Fantasy Sports Central
They have Mock Drafts for you to participate in. They also have projections, rankings, and dollar values.

Baseball HQ.com
This site is a great fantasy Baseball site with a great weekly fantasy baseball newsletter.

The Talented Mr. Roto (Matthew Berry)
Matthew is a great writer who appropriately displays his humor in his fantasy columns. He is now a regular with ESPN. I linked to his achieves at ESPN. So far, his articles are free. They are always worth checking out.

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Fantasy Baseball is on the horizon and on my mind

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Opening Day for Baseball is less than a month away. Fantasy Baseball is on my mind. I am working on rosters for my league. I have my cheatsheet magazine by my side. I am preparing my list of who I am interested in and what positions I need.

My league is an American League Only, Rotisserie style, Keeper, Auction League. We can keep up to 12 players from year to year on our roster but can only keep them for three years at that salary. We also have 4 spots for minor league players for prospects in the American league.

There are many ways to play fantasy baseball. You can play head to head against other teams rather than compiling stats in Rotisserie style. You can play American or National league only or a mixed league. There is a bunch of ways to play.

I will be entering my 12th season. I have won my league 6 times. It is funny because I love fantasy football more than fantasy baseball but I am better at baseball. I started playing Fantasy Baseball to give myself something to do during the Fantasy Football offseason (kind of a misnomer).

I am going to attempt to post weekly updates on strategy, what players to pick up, the fantasy thermometer, and other tidbits. Later today, I am going to post on several fantasy baseball links that I found helpful.

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