Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Kansas City Chiefs Needs List

The Counselor is IN:

The NFL Draft is coming up on April 26. I will examine some of the draft needs for a few different teams. As a Missouri Boy, I will examine a Missouri Team: the Kansas City Chiefs.

The Chiefs have the fifth over all pick in the draft. Here are some of their needs.

Offensive Tackle — Five years ago, the Chiefs had an offensive line to be feared. Any average running back would have been a stud behind that line. Those days are behind the Chiefs. Their great line got old. Now this is their greatest need. A stud running back like Larry Johnson had problems last year running behind their current line.

A stud offensive tackle could instantly improve this team. If the mammoth tackle Jake Long is available, they will jump up and down and smile the entire 12 minutes of their allotted time. If not, they will have to decide if another tackle like Ryan Clady would be worth their fifth over all pick.

Defensive Tackle — The Chiefs need a big body upfront. They need a big man to stop the run and one to pressure the opposing QB. If OT Long is off the board, they may decide to take a DT stud. They may consider either Dorsey (if still available would be a steal if healthy) or Ellis.

Offensive Guard — As stated previously, they need to improve the aging offensive line. An upgrade at guard could really help. Look to the second or third round for them to grab a guard.

Quarterback This is a maybe need. Many in the Chiefs organization believe that Croyle is their QB of the future. If this is true, then ignore this need. If not, then the second round would be a great place to pick up a QB.

Wide Receiver— The Chiefs needed WRs badly going into last year’s draft. They found a goldmine in Bowe. They need another receiver on the other side to take the pressure off of Bowe and Gonzalez. If they could find the right WR, then they may spend a 2nd round pick on WR.

Cornerback The Corners are not young on the Chiefs. With all of their other needs, this may not be address in the early rounds of the draft. There are plenty of good CB they could score with their second round pick but I would not count on them going that way.

Defensive End This is not the largest need for this team but they would love to add another pass rusher. Their pass rush was not very impressive in 2007. If they could get a Chris Long or a Gholston then they may go with a DE for their first pick.

The Counselor is OUT:

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