Sunday, March 02, 2008

Fantasy Baseball is on the horizon and on my mind

The Counselor is IN:

Opening Day for Baseball is less than a month away. Fantasy Baseball is on my mind. I am working on rosters for my league. I have my cheatsheet magazine by my side. I am preparing my list of who I am interested in and what positions I need.

My league is an American League Only, Rotisserie style, Keeper, Auction League. We can keep up to 12 players from year to year on our roster but can only keep them for three years at that salary. We also have 4 spots for minor league players for prospects in the American league.

There are many ways to play fantasy baseball. You can play head to head against other teams rather than compiling stats in Rotisserie style. You can play American or National league only or a mixed league. There is a bunch of ways to play.

I will be entering my 12th season. I have won my league 6 times. It is funny because I love fantasy football more than fantasy baseball but I am better at baseball. I started playing Fantasy Baseball to give myself something to do during the Fantasy Football offseason (kind of a misnomer).

I am going to attempt to post weekly updates on strategy, what players to pick up, the fantasy thermometer, and other tidbits. Later today, I am going to post on several fantasy baseball links that I found helpful.

The Counselor is OUT:

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