Saturday, August 28, 2010

Updated Cheatsheets

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All of the fantasy football cheatsheets have been updated on Saturday September28th.  Check the original posts for the Top 150 and each position and those are the updated cheatsheets.

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Fantasy Football Sleepers

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Here is my list of fantasy football sleepers.  A sleeper is someone that is undervalued and should reward you for picking them up.  I have three different levels of sleepers: Sleepers, Deep Sleepers, and Rip Van Winkle Sleepers.  

These players most likely will be drafted but are being drafted lower than their estimated value.  I rank them in order that they may be able to be productive starters or rotation guys.

1)  Ryan Matthews, RB, San Diego Chargers
If you have not seen a Chargers pre-season game, you are missing the up and coming stud running back.  Do not sleep long on Matthews.  He is a great #2 RB for you and may be a stud #1.  If you are in a keeper league, make him a priority.

2)  RB Arian Foster  Texans
Foster had a good year last season after becoming the starter.  It looked like he had lost his job to the rookie RB Tate but an season ending injury has given Foster the starting job again.  Look for him to prove he deserves it.

3)  RB Carnell Williams - TB
Cadilac has become a forgot runningback.  Don’t forget about him.  He is a great flex or third RB and could prove to be a really good #2.  

4)  RB Michael Bush- RaidersEverything points to Bush as the starter for the Raiders.  He is being drafted far after McFadden.  He is a great backup and could prove to be a starter.

5)   QB Jay Cutler- Chicago
Cutler starts his second season in Chicago.  He has been sporatic but this may be the season that he puts it together.  He is a fine backup and could become your starter.

6)  RB Jahvid Best-Detroit Lions (Rookie)
Rookie runningbacks are often good picks later in the draft.  Many are cautious of Best because he is on the Lions.  I look for Best to have a good rookie year and would be a good #4 back for you.

7)  WR Mike Williams - TB (Rookie)
Rookie Wides are often a bust but Williams has displayed in the pre-season that he is the best WR on the Bucs roster.  I would be pleased with him as a fourth WR.  I would definitely pick him up in a keeper league.

8) WR Jacoby Jones- TexansJones toys has toyed with my sleeper list the last couple of years.  It is possible that he might beat out Walter before the end of the season as the #2 WR in a potent Texas passing attack.

9) WR James Jones - GB PackersJones has become a forgot man in the Packers offense.  He looks like he is now on the same page with Rodgers.  He has lots of potential this season.

10)  WR Johnny Knox- Chicago
Knox came out of no where for many last season as a spot starter who was very hot and cold.  I look for Knox to continue to develop with Cutler and to put up decent #3 WR numbers at the cost of a #5 WR.

Deep Sleepers
These guys should be bench players for you but could pay off and become starters if the situation turns their way.  Don’t overpay for them but these players do have good upside.

1) RB LaDainian Tomlinson-  Jets
LT is past his prime but still has some moves and may get all the goal line carries.

2) WR Mike Wallace- Pittsburgh Steelers
Wallace has potential especially when Big Ben returns.  

3) TE Dustin Keller- Jets
Keller has a ton of potential and should be the safety value for a developing Sanchez.

4)  TE Zach Miller- Raiders
Miller has a new QB and should return to the world of owned TEs.

5)  WR Chaz Schilens- Oakland Raiders
Schilens has some good games last season and should have a better season with a new QB.

6)  WR Kenny Britt- Titans
Britt has ton of potential.  If Young continues to develop at QB, Britt will have a good year.

7)  WR Julian Edelman- Patriots
Edelman is known as a poor man’s Welker.  He has a chance to come out of no where like Welker did a couple of seasons ago.

8)  WR Early Doucet- Arizona
Doucet has a lot of potential and has moved up the depth chart but his QB situation could keep him from breaking out this year.

9)  RB Marshawn Lynch  Buffalo
Remember that Lynch was a fantasy stud just a few seasons ago and he is only 24 years old.  I look for him to get traded or prove himself this season.  This is a hit or miss pick.

10)  RB Willis McGahee- Baltimore
McGahee continues to produce from time to time.  If Rice gets injured then McGahee could become very valuable.  

Rip Van Winkle Sleepers
These players are flyers in the late rounds.  They have potential to have a break out year but are also likely to do nothing for you except be waived for a pick up.

1) WR Devin Aromashodu- Bears

2) WR Laurent Robinson- STL

3) WR Jordon Shipley- Cincinnati

4)  RB Montario Hardesty- Browns

5)  QB Josh Freeman-, Buccaneers

6)  WR Dwayne Jarrett - Carolina

7)  QB Matthew Stafford - Detroit

8)  QB Chad Henne  Miami

9)  QB Alex Smith- SF

10) RB Kenneth Darby- STL

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Friday, August 27, 2010

What to Bring to Your Fantasy Football Draft

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If you have a live draft or auction, then I have 10 suggestions. These are the things to bring with you to a draft.

1) Your custom draft list- you should be making these in advance and editing every week or so until you are done with all your drafts.

2) Pencil and paper to track your players, other owner’s players, auction prices, and to mark off players from your list.

3) Be a good guest and bring snacks to share with others- people prefer to trade with people that they like and bringing snacks sure helps.

4) Bring beer that others like- it is better to get them drinking than for you to drink (limit it if you do partake).

5) Calculator if you are in an auction league- need to track everyone's money.

6) Injury report- this is for you and to share with other owners- it will make you look knowledgeable and a nice guy.|

7) Projected depth charts for all the NFL teams- this is for you only.

8) List of sleepers for late rounds and keep auction players.

9) As much knowledge as you can find about the other owners including their favorite teams, players, and typical draft strategies. It is always good to chit chat with owners to help understand who they like and don’t like.

10) You ability to adapt to change with the draft. Things will not go as you planned. You will need to leave your plan and list from time to time.

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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Overrated Fantasy Players

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Every season there are players who are taken too early in the draft for various reasons.  This does not mean these players are bad players or that you should not draft them.  These hyped players will not give you the bang for your pick or your auction dollars that other players might give you.  Here is my list of players that I consider to be overrated.

1)  QB Aaron Rodgers- Packers
Rodgers is a great player.  I have ranked as my 4 best QB and should be taken in the middle of the first round.  In many mock drafts, Rodgers is going in the mid first round as the first quarterback taken.  Aaron was sacked 50 times last year.  He is likely to get injured if he continues to get pounded.  

2)  RB DeAngelo Williams- Carolina Panthers
Williams had a great fantasy season in 2008-  1,515 rushing yards with 18 touchdowns.  He had an average season in 2009- 1,117 rushing yards and 7 touchdowns.  Stewart is another year more mature and should continue to steal carries.  This year they have Matt Moore as their starting QB and if things go badly, rookie Jimmy Clausen.  I expect 8 men in the box all year round.  He is currently going in the late first round to early second round.  He should be drafted in the late second to early third round.

3)  WR Larry Fitzgerald- Cardinals
There is a huge difference in Kurt Warner being your QB and Matt Leinart.  I have watched a some of the Cardinals preseason games and I will be down grading their whole team.  Fitz may be the best receiver in the NFL but he will have to demonstrate it continually to justify the early second round pick.  I would move him to the end of the second round to be a decent value.

4) RB Chris “Beanie” Wells - Cardinals
As stated above, this team will not be the same without Kurt Warner.  He is going at the end of the third round as the 15th overall runningback.  He is going all most a hundred picks before Tim Hightower and Hightower is ahead of Wells on the depth carth.  

5)  Jets Defense
There is no doubt that the Jets have a great defense.  Even the best defenses should not be drafted in the first 10 rounds.  The Jets are going in the middle of the 6th round.  Stop the insanity.

6)  WR Chad OchoCinco- Bengals
Chad may benefit from T.O. being in Cincinnati.  I doubt he will benefit enough to justify the middle fourth pick when T.O. is going in the middle seventh round.  Chad only  had a 1,166 yard and 5 TD season last year.  

7)  RB LeSean McCoy- Eagles
Do you think the Eagles will run the ball?  Really?  I like McCoy and think he does have potential especially catching the ball out of the backfield.  But I do not see value in picking him at the end of the thrid or beginning of the fourth round.

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Monday, August 23, 2010

Who to take with the #1 overall pick?

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Who to take with the #1 overall pick?

You can make the case for a few different guys.  I will discuss three different guys. In a few lines I will give you the reasons you should chose of these guys and then why you might want to chose someone else.

1)  Chris Johnson- RB- Tennessee Titians- 24 years old.  

Johnson is the top contender for the number one spot.  He rushed for 2,006 yards, 16 touchdowns, and an NFL-record 2,509 yards from scrimmage in 2009.  He rushed for more than 100 yards in 11 consecutive games.

358 carries.  That is the number of carries that Johnson had last year.  Historically this large number of carries.  Most of the runningbacks who have had 350+ carries during one season will have a much more pedestrian season the next year.  Sometimes the player ends up with an injury plagued season.  

2) Adrian Peterson- RB- Minnesota Vikings- 25 years old.

Peterson is a competitive running back who is on a great team with Brett Favre.  Favre forces the defense to respect the pass and this will give All Day some running room.  Peterson has been a top 5 fantasy player over the last three seasons.  He had 18 touchdowns last season.

FUMBLE!  Peterson has had a bad case of the fumbles with 16 over the last 2 seasons.  His rushing yards per carry has gone down every season.

3)  Maurice Jones- Drew- RB- Jacksonville Jaguars- 25 years old.

Maurice is a well rounded back who is coming into his own.  Last season he had 1,391 yards on 312 carries with 15 TDs.  He also had 53 receptions for 374 yards and one TD.  I look for Jones-Drew to have a break out season this year.

He is not the home run hitter that Johnson is.  He is not the power back of Peterson.  He appears  to be at the level below.

When weighing out the positives and negatives, I would personally draft Peterson number 1.  I understand the rationale for drafting any of these three at overall number 1 slot.

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Sunday, August 22, 2010

Fantasy Football Defense List

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Below is my cheatsheets for Defenses. The highlighted rows are the start of new Tiers. Remember that Defenses and Kickers are inconsistent in value and should be saved until the end of the draft to pick.

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Saturday, August 21, 2010

Fantasy Football Kicker List

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Below is my cheatsheets for Kickers. The highlighted rows are the start of new Tiers. Remember that Defenses and Kickers are inconsistent in value and should be saved until the end of the draft to pick.

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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Fantasy Football TE List

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Below is my cheatsheets for Tight Ends. The highlighted rows are the start of new Tiers.

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Monday, August 16, 2010

Fantasy Football WR List

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Below is my cheatsheets for Wide Receivers. The highlighted rows are the start of new Tiers.

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Sunday, August 15, 2010

Fantasy Football RB List

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 Below is my cheatsheets for runningbacks.  The highlighted rows are the start of new Tiers.

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Saturday, August 14, 2010

Fantasy Football QB List

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Below is my cheatsheets for quarterbacks.  The highlighted rows are the start of new Tiers.
When Favre makes it official that he will play for the Vikings, then I would move him up the list to #8 in the first Tier of QBs. 

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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Fantasy Football top 150 list

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Here is my list of the top 150 players.  This is the first draft.  We will be revising it as the season approaches.  You will notice that there are no defenses or kickers on this list.  There should not be.  Let me know what you think.

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