Thursday, August 26, 2010

Overrated Fantasy Players

The Counselor is IN:

Every season there are players who are taken too early in the draft for various reasons.  This does not mean these players are bad players or that you should not draft them.  These hyped players will not give you the bang for your pick or your auction dollars that other players might give you.  Here is my list of players that I consider to be overrated.

1)  QB Aaron Rodgers- Packers
Rodgers is a great player.  I have ranked as my 4 best QB and should be taken in the middle of the first round.  In many mock drafts, Rodgers is going in the mid first round as the first quarterback taken.  Aaron was sacked 50 times last year.  He is likely to get injured if he continues to get pounded.  

2)  RB DeAngelo Williams- Carolina Panthers
Williams had a great fantasy season in 2008-  1,515 rushing yards with 18 touchdowns.  He had an average season in 2009- 1,117 rushing yards and 7 touchdowns.  Stewart is another year more mature and should continue to steal carries.  This year they have Matt Moore as their starting QB and if things go badly, rookie Jimmy Clausen.  I expect 8 men in the box all year round.  He is currently going in the late first round to early second round.  He should be drafted in the late second to early third round.

3)  WR Larry Fitzgerald- Cardinals
There is a huge difference in Kurt Warner being your QB and Matt Leinart.  I have watched a some of the Cardinals preseason games and I will be down grading their whole team.  Fitz may be the best receiver in the NFL but he will have to demonstrate it continually to justify the early second round pick.  I would move him to the end of the second round to be a decent value.

4) RB Chris “Beanie” Wells - Cardinals
As stated above, this team will not be the same without Kurt Warner.  He is going at the end of the third round as the 15th overall runningback.  He is going all most a hundred picks before Tim Hightower and Hightower is ahead of Wells on the depth carth.  

5)  Jets Defense
There is no doubt that the Jets have a great defense.  Even the best defenses should not be drafted in the first 10 rounds.  The Jets are going in the middle of the 6th round.  Stop the insanity.

6)  WR Chad OchoCinco- Bengals
Chad may benefit from T.O. being in Cincinnati.  I doubt he will benefit enough to justify the middle fourth pick when T.O. is going in the middle seventh round.  Chad only  had a 1,166 yard and 5 TD season last year.  

7)  RB LeSean McCoy- Eagles
Do you think the Eagles will run the ball?  Really?  I like McCoy and think he does have potential especially catching the ball out of the backfield.  But I do not see value in picking him at the end of the thrid or beginning of the fourth round.

The Counselor is OUT:

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