Friday, February 29, 2008

Roy Williams' Safety Net

The Counselor is IN:

Dallas Cowboys Safety Roy Williams has a foundation called The Roy Williams Safety Net Foundation. It is a foundation to help single mothers in the Dallas area.

"Inspired by his sister Alecia, a single mother doing her best to raise her young son, Dallas Cowboys All-Pro Safety Roy Williams launched the Roy Williams Safety Net Foundation in July 2004 to help ensure low-income single mothers in the Dallas area receive support, guidance, and assistance to enhance their quality of life."

"The mission of the Roy Williams Safety Net Foundation is to ensure that low-income single mother households raising children in the Dallas community are provided with support, guidance and assistance in an effort to enhance their quality of life."

I am adding Roy's Safety Net Foundation as a link on this site.

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Sunday, February 24, 2008

Baseball's Free Agent Update

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What baseball teams have signed what free agents? What free agents are still available? The lists are long but I have couple of links to point you to. Here are the links to ESPN and MLB.com. You can also check the individual team sites for team specific free agents.

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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

When is cheating OK?

The Counselor is IN:

With all the steroid hoopla surrounding Roger Clemens and Congress, it has caused me to ponder the greater issue of cheating in sports. In this country, we appear to have a double standard with cheating. Sometimes we become passionately and aggressively against it. Other times, we are happy to turn a blind eye to it and even embrace it.

The steroid use in baseball has been a huge issue. We had records being broken by men who used performance enhancing drugs. The outcry has been intense against players that are caught in steroids. Barry Bonds has not been found guilty but we (as a society) treat him with disdain for what we think he has done. Mark "Big Mac" McGuire went from super star and first ballot Hall Of Famer to a man that does not have a chance to make the Hall of Fame because of assumed steroid use.

The Major League Baseball Hall of Fame has a ton of known cheaters. Some pitchers used files, Vaseline, and pine tar to give them an edge. There are Hall of Fame players that have used corked bats. Yet there were no Congressional Hearings on these practices?

People seem alright with players in the NFL to sit out a hand full of games because of steroid use. LB Shawne Merriman is a perfect example of this. They caught him dead to rights but yet we were happy with his mild suspension. Why is there not the same outcry as with baseball and steroids?

Another example is the SpyGate Scandal. This was swept under the rug and the team was given a slap on the hand. They did not even forfeit the game that they were caught cheating in. There are some suspicions of them filming the Rams' practice the day before the Super Bowl when New England upset St. Louis. If you try to point these scandals out, many people will dismiss you as a hater and will not give you any creditability. But wasn't SpyGate still cheating? Where is the uproar?

I find it fascinating that we want to rail against some players that we have no evidence of wrong behavior but yet we embrace other players and coaches that are caught red handed.

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Monday, February 11, 2008

Belated Super Bowl Thoughts

I have been experiencing a ton of technical difficulties with my computer and then with my DSL. I am finally back in the cyberworld. I missed being able to give my Super Bowl Thoughts so here they are.

The Counselor is IN:

1) I disliked both of these teams going into the playoffs so I was dreading the Super Bowl. I swallowed my pride and decided to cheer for the underdog Giants (I know blasphemy for a Cowboy fan).

2) The Super Bowl party I attended had the best stuffed mushrooms. Thanks Bryan and family.

3) In the first half, the Giants continued to hit Tom Brady and he appeared to be shaken up. The key is to hit Brady hard and often. The Giants did this.

4) The Patriots made some key changes at half time and protected their QB. This worked well for them.

5) Some of the commercials were funny but they are not nearly as good as the commercials from early in the 2000s. I did like the Coke commercial with the Float Balloons and the Baby with the Clown.

6) I loved watching Eli lead the Giants for a score, then Brady to lead the Patriots for a score, and then Eil marching the Giants down the field for the victory. It was like a heavy weight prize fight with both boxers going for the knock out punch.

7) This was the Best Super Bowl I have ever watched that did not end with a Cowboys' victory.

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Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Tech Problems Continue

I finally was able to get my computer up and running with a new power cord. Now I am without internet. The rain yesterday knocked out my phone and DSL. It is not scheduled to be back until Friday. I hope to be back to full capacity on blogging this weekend. I have a lot of opinions about Super Tuesday and what the relationship of Christianity and Politics. I am also dying to give my Super Bowl impressions, NFL Draft Information, and the Upcoming Baseball season on my Fantasy Sports Counselor blog. I am itching to write more but it will have to wait.