Monday, February 11, 2008

Belated Super Bowl Thoughts

I have been experiencing a ton of technical difficulties with my computer and then with my DSL. I am finally back in the cyberworld. I missed being able to give my Super Bowl Thoughts so here they are.

The Counselor is IN:

1) I disliked both of these teams going into the playoffs so I was dreading the Super Bowl. I swallowed my pride and decided to cheer for the underdog Giants (I know blasphemy for a Cowboy fan).

2) The Super Bowl party I attended had the best stuffed mushrooms. Thanks Bryan and family.

3) In the first half, the Giants continued to hit Tom Brady and he appeared to be shaken up. The key is to hit Brady hard and often. The Giants did this.

4) The Patriots made some key changes at half time and protected their QB. This worked well for them.

5) Some of the commercials were funny but they are not nearly as good as the commercials from early in the 2000s. I did like the Coke commercial with the Float Balloons and the Baby with the Clown.

6) I loved watching Eli lead the Giants for a score, then Brady to lead the Patriots for a score, and then Eil marching the Giants down the field for the victory. It was like a heavy weight prize fight with both boxers going for the knock out punch.

7) This was the Best Super Bowl I have ever watched that did not end with a Cowboys' victory.

The Counselor is OUT:

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