Saturday, March 20, 2010

#1 Jayhawks beaten by Mid-Major Northern Iowa

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The Missouri Valley's Northern Iowa finally broke their two decade old drought by moving past the first round in the Big Dance on Thursday. The reward for their hard work was to play the overall number 1 team in the Tournament on Saturday. They did not stand a chance to advance to the Sweet 16 against the Kansas Jayhawks or did they?

Northern Iowa came out and dominated most of the game with their top ranked defense. Kansas fought their way back into the game with a couple of minutes left. The juggernaut Jayhawks were pressing the Northern Iowa Panthers and were within striking distance to win the game and were only 1 point down. Then Ali Farokhmanesh hit a 3 pointer with 34 seconds left and around 30 seconds left on the shot clock to seal the victory. He took a shot that most coaches would be upset about but it paid off.

The unthinkable happen. None of the experts would even consider this possibility. In fact, ESPN radio was debating even if Kentucky had a chance against Kansas in the finals if Kentucky made it. I guess they missed the memo that the Panthers were going to show up.

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Thursday, March 04, 2010

CowboysPride.NET is coming back

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CowboysPride.NET is coming back. Cowboys Pride merged to with Sports Jabber last July. It has been operating under their site since them.

I am partnering with my buddy Doyle to bring new life to Cowboys Pride. The site will be up and fully running on April 1, 2010. Look for future updates about this.

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Monday, March 01, 2010

Fantasy Baseball Prospects 2010

The Counselor is IN:

Here is a list of prospects that I like. Prospects are young players who may still be in the minors, rookies, or other young guys yet to fulfill their potential in the majors.

SP Wade Davis - Tampa Bay

Davis is built like a Tight End- 6'5" and 220lbs. He has 4 solid pitches including a 90+ mph fastball. He was a strikeout fiend in AAA with 7.9 per 9 innings. I expect Davis to make the Rays rotation out of camp.

SS Alcides Escobar - Milwaukee
Escobar is known for his defense but put up very impressive offensive numbers in AAA last year- .298 BA and 42 SB. He can add a lot of speed to your team for low price.

SP/RP Neftail Feliz - Texas
Feliz had a good year in AAA last year but was outstanding as a reliever for the Rangers with a 1.74 ERA. It is possible he might move to the rotation and if he does, his average and whip will go up but I look for him to adapt. He is a year or two away from dominating but is worth picking up especially in keeper leagues.

OF Jason Heyward - Atlanta

Heyward blew through the minors last year and showed why he is a great hitting prospect. He could make the starting lineup in the outfield for the Braves by Opening Day.

1B Justin Smoak - Rangers

Smoak will be pushing Chris Davis for the 1B starting position by this time next season so Davis better pull it together today. Smoak brings a good glove, batting average, and on coming power. Look for Smoak to start in AAA and light it up.

2B Scott Sizemore - Detroit
In the weakest fantasy position, Sizemore could make a difference this year for your team. He brings 20/20 potential with .300 BA. He is the kind of kid you will root for even if you are not a Tigers fan or own him on your fantasy team.

OF Austin Jackson - Detroit

Jackson would still be in the minors this season if he was still with the Yankees farm system. But Jackson was traded to the Tigers and they are licking them chops to see what this speedster can do. He is slated to be the opening day starting Center Fielder for the Tigers. He should steal between 25-35 bags.

OF Julio Borbon - Rangers
Borbon is the starting Center Fielder for the Rangers. He is a more polished Jackson and may have a bit more speed. I believe Borbon will swipe 30-40+ bases for you.

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