Wednesday, May 11, 2011

But that was a different era!

The Counselor is IN:

As sports fans, we like to discuss who is the greatest of all time for various sports.  Mostly this is a futile venture but can lead to some interesting conversations.  These conversations are killed with the phrase "But that was a different era!"

I have experienced this first hand numerous times.  I was in a recent discussion about Michael Jordan and how I am not convinced that he is the greatest.  My friend was adamant that Jordan is by far the greatest basketball player of all times.  I asked him when Mikey scored one hundred points in a game, which he never did.  My buddy gave me the standard kill phrase of "But that was a different era." I responded with, "yes it was and they did not have 3 point shots so it was more tough for Wilt Chamberlain than it would have been for Jordan."  

Earlier this week on ESPN's Mike and Mike show, they were pronouncing Phil Jackson the greatest basketball coach of all time.  The conversation turned to comparing him to Red Auerbac.  One of their guests scoffed at the comparison and Proclaimed "But that was a different era."

The point of these debates are to compare and contrast players from various eras.  To exclaim that it is unfair to contemplate the differences of players from different eras is ridiculous and ludicrous.  When advocating someone as the Greatest, one is required to answer debate about players from other eras.  Otherwise, this player is just the greatest of their era and not of all time.

 The Counselor is OUT: