Tuesday, March 04, 2008

#4 Packs up and Retires

The Counselor is IN:

Today, Brett Favre, #4, laid down his six-shooter and retired from gun slinging. This August, the Packers will have a QB not named Favre starting for the fist time in 275 games. Next fall, Brett will be hunting instead of playing football.

I am very sad by this announcement. Brett is one of the few players that I really like that is no on my favorite team. I found myself rooting for the Packers when they were not playing my team because of his personality. Brett has spectacular charisma.

He has faced a ton of hardships, from his wife having cancer, to his father's death, and to his addition to prescription pain medication. He did all of this in the public eye. It only made him more human and made me like him more.

Brett is the best QB I have ever seen in my life time. He made passes that no one ever could dream off. Sometimes it backfired but he always kept trying.

We will miss you Brett.

The Counselor is OUT:

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