Friday, March 28, 2008

Get a haircut and get an NFL job

The Counselor is IN:

The NFL owners will come together this weekend end for their annual owners meeting. They will discuss numerous things including some possible rule changes. The force out rule is being reviewed. Wide receivers may have to get both feet in bounce even if they are pushed out. But this is not the most interesting rule change proposal.

The possible rule change that caught my eye was the proposed ban on long hair on the outside of the jersey. Players would be allowed to keep their long hair but they would have to tuck it into their helmet and jersey. This could cause issues for players like Polamalu, Harris, and McKensie, who are known for their long flowing hair, and force them to change their Sunday signature looks. Some of the owners believe that the long flowing hair is a possible injury risk.

Below are a couple of excerpts from the SI article.

“The rule banning long hair on the field was proposed by Kansas City. It does not require players to get haircuts, but does ‘require them to tuck it up inside their helmets,’ said Atlanta president Rich McKay, chairman of the league's competition committee.” (SI)

“Because the rule was proposed by a team, the competition committee did not take a position on it. It will be discussed Monday with a package of other rules.” (SI)

I think the NFL is making too many nitpicking rules. I have heard the NFL referred to as the "No Fun League". This is true with all their crazy rules about celebrating. Some of this nitpicking started with the "Emmitt Smith Rule" of not taking off your helmet after scoring a touchdown.

I do understand the concern for injury in this case. If the hair is on the outside of the jersey, then the players are allowed to grab the hair in an attempt to bring down that player. This could lead to neck and head injuries. But we are talking about grown men. If a man wants to leave his hair flowing out of the uniform so another man can entangle the hair and to force that man down to the ground, then let him learn the hard way. If that happens a few times, then maybe they will learn to keep their hair tucked in.

PS: Roy Williams- don't go for the horse collar, but go for the flowing locks extending from the helmet.

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