Saturday, November 24, 2007

Things I have Learned... from Bears vs. Broncos

Things I Have Learned... from Bears vs. Broncos

The Counselor is IN:

1) Denver continues to put backup runningbacks on the field that achieve well. With starter Travis Henry and backup Selvin Young inactive, the Broncos turned to undrafted Andre Hall. Hall did not miss a beat. He was even on the same page with Cutler when he ran the Option. If he continues to start, he could become a stud.

2) RB Cedric Benson was finally looking good for the Bears. This was right before he was charted off the field with an injury. Hopefully it is not serious but it looked really bad.

3) KR/PR Devin Hester continues to be the bright spot for Chicago. He had two stellar returns during this game. He is an exciting player to watch. The returns sank one of my fantasy teams on Sunday. Thanks for kicking to him- Denver- NOT!

4) QB Jay Cutler continues to grow and develop as a quarterback. He is very sporadic at times but does appear to have some good instincts and cannon for an arm. Cutler did under throw a lot of balls on Sunday. But he is good at hiding the play action pass. He did throw a couple of good long balls, with one going for a touchdown. With another year of development, Cutler may grow into a top level QB.

5) Rex Grossman continues to disappoint. He had a good game last week. He looked like the old Grossman most of today until his last minute heroics in this game. At the end of the game, he looked like he the QB that Chicago was hoping for when they drafted him. I believe that the Bears are tired of waiting for Grossman to become that QB consistently. After watching this game, I am convinced that the Bears will either draft a QB early, trade for one (possibly from Cleveland or Philly) or will get a good QB in free agency.

6) Brandon Marshall is a good young Wideout for Denver. He is a great target for Cutler. He is developing a great rapport with him. As long as both continue to develop, they will be teammates for a long time.

7) Playing at Chicago after Thanksgiving is not fun for opponents. The field was slick and nasty and will only get worse as the year goes along.

Those are a few things I learned from the Bears vs. the Broncos game.

The Counselor is OUT:

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