Wednesday, November 07, 2007

The Weekly Thermometer- 11-07-07

This is a new weekly column. It will take the fantasy temperature of who is hot, cold, and lukewarm. We will examine a few players in each temperature range.

The Counselor is IN:

Who is Hot?
QB Brett Favre is hot. This season reminds me of Brett in his prime. He is having fun and making plays. His receivers are developing nicely. Last week, he had 24 completions for 34 attempts with 360 yards. He had a monstrous 70.6 completion percentage. He may not put up the Brady numbers or even Romo or Manning numbers but he has gone from a fantasy bench warmer to a top level fantasy starter.

RB Adrian Peterson is red hot. It would be almost impossible to not realize this with all the Peterson coverage since this weekend. He broke the single game rushing record in his eighth game as a pro. He rushed 30 times for 296 yards and three touchdowns. He started the season as the backup to Chester Taylor. The Vikings got a steal with this draft pick. I wonder if the 6 teams before the Vikings regret passing on All Day Peterson. I know I am glad I drafted him in two of my fantasy leagues and regret not getting in the third one.

WR Terrell Owens is having another great season. Against his former team, the Eagles, he had a phenomenal game with 10 catches for 174 yards. He continues to block as well as receive. All of this and he continues to keep his attitude in check.

Who is Lukewarm?

WR Reggie Wayne had a very lukewarm week. With Harrison out, Wayne is seeing a lot of double teams. He had a meager 62 yards. He was a 3rd to 4th round pick for many teams. The Patriots did a good job of limiting him. Until Harrison is back in the line up, Wayne may remain lukewarm.

QB Philip Rivers continues to be mediocre. He had a great year last year but has not been able to reproduce it this year. Sunday he was 19 for 42 with 197 yards.

RB Brian Westbrook has been lukewarm all year long. He was a first round to early second round pick in most fantasy leagues. He has not been bad but is not performing to his expected level.

Who is Cold?

WR Steve Smith has been icy cold of late. He does not have a Quarterback to throw him the ball. It is a disadvantage of being a wideout.

Green Bay Running backs are icy cold. If they do not get on track, it will be interesting winter in Green Bay. They need to find a running back that can get the Packers consistent yards.

RB Thomas Jones is cold. He has been cold much of this season. The trade to the Jets from the Jets has not worked out well for either team.

The Counselor is OUT:

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