Thursday, September 03, 2009

Random Fantasy Thoughts

The Counselor is IN:

A) Next week, I will have a fantasy injury report out for the Thursday games and then one for the weekend games. The Thursday list will be up sometime Wednesday evening.

B) Brandon Marshall is continuing to slip down in drafts after his bad behavior and suspension. He is very likely to be in the starting lineup by the start of the season. If you still have a draft, I would look for him in the mid rounds. He is a huge value there.

C) Some drafts are seeing Knowshon Moreno slip because of his injury. He is scheduled to start opening day. I believe he will be a really good RB2 and a great value as your RB3.

D) Michael Vick has been ruled eligible for Philly’s third game.

E) Chris Brown will be the goal line back for the Texans. This will hurt the fantasy value of Staton. Brown may be worth a late round pick.

The Counselor is OUT:

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