Sunday, September 20, 2009

Early Game Thoughts

The Counselor is IN:

1) Even when both teams are bad, the Raiders/Chiefs rivalry is still strong and fun to watch. (I will have a break down of that game up soon).

2) The almighty Patriots are not going 18-0 this year. Many thought the Pats would be the same team from 2007 with a healthy Brady. I guess not. The Jets stepped up and held this high powered offense out of the endzone and with only 9 points. If the 2-0 Jets continue to play like this, then they could contend for the AFC East.

3) Brett Favre now has the record for the most consecutive starts of any NFL player. He has come into Minnesota and is playing his role. He is not trying to do too much. Kind of reminds me of Elway in his last couple of years where he handed the ball to Davis more than he threw.

4) The only thing that excited me about the Redskins/Rams game was that I did not watch it.

5) Matt Ryan looks like he is becoming a stud at QB. Michael Turner had a solid day running. This team is good and will be a threat all year long.

6) The Bengals went into Lambeau and won... I am still trying to process and make sense of this information.

7) Chris Johnson of Tennessee had a fantastic game this week after stinking it up for fantasy owners last year. He rushed for16 carries/ 197 yards rushing and 2 touchdowns and had 9 receptions for 87 yards and a touchdown. My pick of Tennessee to be in the SuperBowl is looking foolish after they have started 0-2.

8) Kolb looked much better for the Eagles than I thought he would with 381 yards and 2 touchdowns but he did have 3 interceptions. But he could not keep up with the high octane offense of the Saints. The Saints are reminding me of the Warner led Rams of yesterday.

9) Talk of Warner, Kurt led the Cardinals to victory today while setting a record with a 92.3% completion rate. Congrats Kurt! The old man is not done after all no matter what Jim Johnson said on his pregame show.

The Counselor is OUT:

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