Thursday, September 10, 2009

Line 'em up/ Bench their butts


The Counselor is IN:

This column's intent is to give the readers an idea of few good players in favorable match ups and a few good players in bad match ups. If you have a great player, then it may not advisable to bench him for someone in the Line 'em Up section. If I suggest that you bench one of your studs, you can only do this if you have a good option behind him. If you don't have a good player behind him, don't bench 'em. Remember every league is different and I am advising from a standard league.

Line ‘em Up

QB Brett Favre of Minnesota. Brett has something to prove and they are playing the lowly Browns defense. I expect a big game out of Brett as the Browns will try to make Brett beat them and I believe he will.

QB Matt Hasselbeck of Seattle. Hasselbeck is a very good QB when healthy. He is currently healthy and playing the Rams.

RB Ray Rice of Baltimore. I am on the Rice bandwagon and own him in 3 leagues. He is going against the Chiefs which are trying to convert to a 3-4 but they do not have the players for it yet. I look for a big game.

RB Leon Washington of the New York Jets. I look for Washington to show the Jets why they need to give him a contract extension and to make him the starting runningback. Houston is not a scary defense.

WR Eddie Royal of the Broncos. Eddie is in sync with new QB Orton where Marshall is not. I think this will help Royal overproduce early in the season.

WR Lance Moore of New Orleans. Many do not realize that Lance is the starting receiver for the Saints opposite of Colston. They are playing Detroit so most Saints should be good starts.

Bench their Butts

QB Eli Manning of New York Giants. Eli will be facing a very tough Redskins defense with new addition Albert Haynesworth. No one is giving the Redskins a chance in the NFC East. I look for Manning to be pressured all day long.

QB Jake Delhomme of Carolina. The Eagles lost their Defensive Guru Jim Johnson this summer. I think the Eagles inspired to play Johnson football. It will be a long day for Delhomme.

RB Pierre Thomas of New Orleans. Thomas would be a great start if he was healthy. He is still banged up so I would sit him this week and let him get well.

RB Matt Forte of Chicago. I have strong feeling that the Packer Defense will be dominate this year. They will try to shut down Forte. Look for Forte to have a down week.

WR Terrell Owens of the Bills. Unless Owens is going to be the QB, kicker, and WR, I think he is going to have a very tough year. It will start game one against the nasty Patriots. Plus he is not getting any younger.

WR Dwayne Bowe of Kansas City. A banged up Cassell who may or may not play and the Ravens Defense does not lead to a monster game.

The Counselor is OUT:

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