Sunday, September 20, 2009

Things I have Learned ... the Raiders at the Chiefs

The Counselor is IN:

Things I have Learned ... the Raiders at the Chiefs.

1) The rivalry of the Chiefs/Raiders is strong and alive no matter the status of their teams. It was a fun game to watch no matter how ugly it was (and it was UGLY!)

2) RB Larry Johnson is not as bad and finished as I thought he was. He looked good running against the Raiders Defense with 24 carries for 78 yards.

3) The Raiders rushing attacked looked pitiful. They combined for 25 carries and 67 yards. McFadden did breaking a 8 yard scamper into the End Zone to win the game.

4) Matt Cassel looked average at best. He did have 241 yards on 24 of 39 and a touchdown but he also had 2 interceptions. He did demonstrate his ability to move around and that saved him from several sacks. This is not the Patriots starting offensive line.

5) Russell had a horrible day. He was 7 for 24 and 109 yards. He did look better in the second half where he made critical completions.

6) WR Dwayne Bowe could be a superstar on a good football team.

Those are a few things I learned from the Raiders @ the Chiefs.

The Counselor is OUT:

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Trevor Olsen said...

JaMarcus Russell will never be a good quarterback in the NFL. He's not smart enough to read defenses, he's not strong enough to fight through would-be tacklers, and he doesn't have the leadership qualities necessary for the position. Two years from now he'll either be out of the league or a back-up somewhere, probably Detroit.