Thursday, August 27, 2009

What to bring with you to a draft

The Counselor is IN:

If you have a live draft or auction, then I have 10 suggestions. These are the things to bring with you to a draft.

1) Your custom draft list- you should be making these in advance and editing every week or so until you are done with all your drafts.

2) Pencil and paper to track your players, other owner’s players, auction prices, and to mark off players from your list

3) Be a good guest and bring snacks to share with others- people prefer to trade with people that they like and bringing snacks sure helps.

4) Bring beer that others like- it is better to get them drinking than for you to drink (limit it if you do partake)

5) Calculator if you are in an auction league- need to track everyone's money

6) Injury report- this is for you and to share with other owners- it will make you look knowledgeable and a nice guy.|

7) Projected depth charts for all the NFL teams- this is for you only

8) List of sleepers for late rounds and keep auction players

9) As much knowledge as you can find about the other owners including their favorite teams, players, and typical draft strategies. It is always good to chit chat with owners to help understand who they like and don’t like

10) You ability to adapt to change with the draft. Things will not go as you planned. You will need to leave your plan and list from time to time.

The Counselor is OUT:

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