Thursday, August 20, 2009

Fantasy Sleepers

The Counselor is IN:

1) QB Brett Favre- Vikings

Everyone knows Brett. He is a sleeper because many are not giving him a chance to succeed. Most mock drafts have him going very late. He had 15 TDs and 11 INTs after the first 8 games. That would project out to 30 and 22 (very decent) if he had not become injured.

2) QB Chris Simms- Broncos

Chris is a deep sleeper. He is not currently starting. He looked good in the first pre-season game and Orton looked terrible. Simms may steal away the starting job but it has not happened yet according to the Denver Post. If he wins the job at some point this year, he would have Royal and Marshall to throw the ball to.

3) QB JaMarcus Russell- Raiders

Rusell is also a pretty deep sleeper but I think he could be a decent backup with a lot of upside. He will be in his third year as a starter. He has a monster of an arm. This may be his year.

4) RB Darren McFadden- Raiders

Everyone went crazy for McFadden last year and he did not live up to the hype. I think he will live up to it this year. He should be a good #3 RB with potential for a #1.

5) RB Knowshon Moreno- Broncos

Knowshon has the hype that McFadden had last year. Do not over reach for him but if he is there, I think he will have a solid year for you as a third or fourth back.

6) RB Pierre Thomas- Saints

Thomas still gets no love. He had 12 TD’s last year (9 rushing and 3 receiving). He is a great pick for your # 2 RB. He will get the goal line carries and may be the “Wildcat” QB for the Saints.

7) RB Ray Rice- Ravens

Rice is the starting back for the Ravens. I look for them to run, run, run Ray. He is another #2 back with great upside.

8) RB Rashard Mendenhall- Steelers

How Mendenhall has fallen with fantasy owners in a year. He was the pick for a rookie RB last year but he was injured early on. Fast Willie is another year old and I look for Mendenhall to get a lot of carries for the Steelers.

9) RB LeSean McCoy- Eagles

McCoy will serve as the backup for Westbrook. Westbrook is now 30 years old. I look for McCoy to get some good playing time by mid season. He is a deep sleeper but one I feel comfortable taking late.

10) RB Glenn Coffee- 49ers

Who? Exactly! Coffee is a Super Deep Sleeper. He is the backup for Frank Gore. I have been very impressed with him. I would take him with my last pick or as a dollar player.

11) TE Dustin Keller- Jets

I look for Keller to make the leap to a top 7 TE.

12) WR Eddie Royal- Broncos

This guy is for real. If Marshall does not show, then Royal will be the number 1. He should be a solid # 3 with Marshall and may be better if Marshall holds out.

13) WR Anthony Gonzalez- Colts

Gonzalez is replacing Harrison as a starter for the Colts. Did I mention he plays for the Colts with Peyton.

14) WR Lance Moore- Saints

Does anyone know Moore? He is the starter opposite of Colston in New Orleans. He will be receiving the ball from some guy named Brees. He is recovering from a torn labrum but he will be healthy enough to start the season.

15) WR Ted Gin- Dolphins

I remember when I was floored by this draft pick a few years ago. Gin has great speed and someone has to catch the ball in Miami. He is should be a WR 4 or 5 for you with upside.

16) WR Earl Bennett- Bears

Bennett will be a starting WR for the Bears. He will surprise a lot of people. I think he has good upside. I think Cutler will display Bennett’s abilities. He is a sleeper but he will not be next year.

17) WR Chaz Schilens- Raiders

Here is another Wide Out that no one knows. Chaz is the number 1 receiver for the Raiders. If Russell does take a step forward this year, Schilens should shine. He is worth a late round pickup.

The Counselor is OUT:

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