Wednesday, November 19, 2008

The Weekly Thermometer

The Counselor is IN:

Who is Hot?
QB Kurt Warner was red hot. He threw for 395 yards on 32 completions and 44 attempts. He threw 1 touchdowns and one interception. The old Kurt is back.

RB Steve Slaton was boiling hot. He rushed on fourteen times and had 156 yards and 1 touchdown. He has become a real threat on the ground for the Texans.

WR Anquan Boldin was volcano hot. He had 13 receptions for 186 yards. Boldin is one of the top wide receivers in the league.

Who is Lukewarm?
RB Brian Westbrook was lukewarm. He had 14 carries for 60 yards. He had a terrible game. One rush was for 22 yards.

RB Matt Forte was lukewarm. He ran 16 times for 64 yards. He has had a great rookie year but this game was not great.

QB Aaron Rogers was lukewarm. He went 23 for 30 attempts with two touchdowns and one interception.

Who is Cold?
QB Kyle Orton was Frozen Tundra cold. He was 13 for 26 and 133 yards. It was his first game back so we will cut him a little slack. At the beginning of the season, not much was expected out of Orton. He has had a few really good weeks. This was not one of them.

RB Willis McGahee was freezer burnt cold. He went 9 carries for 18 yards. Two yards per carry is very cold.

QB Jake Delhomme was polar cold. He threw 10 completions for 19 attempts for 102 yards and a touchdown. He had fewer yards than two of his running back- ouch!

The Counselor is OUT:

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