Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Line 'em up/ Bench their butts

The Counselor is IN:

Line ‘em Up

QB Chad Pennington of Miami. Pennington has resurrected his career in Miami. They are playing against the Rams this week. Nuff said.

QB Joe Falcco of Baltimore. Falcco is having a good rookie year. He is putting up some decent fantasy numbers. This week they are playing against the Bengals.

RB Ahmad Bradshaw of New York Giants. Brandon Jacobs is ailing and he will probably be on the bench resting or limited in playing time with the Giants all but guaranteed the number one position in the playoffs.

RB Justin Fargus of Oakland. The Raiders like to run the ball a lot. This gives Fargus and McFadden several carries each. They are playing against the Chiefs. It should allow Fargus to have a great game.

WR Ted Ginn of Miami. Ginn has slowly developed into a good Wide Receiver. He has great breakout speed. He is playing against the Rams.

WR Kevin Walter of Houston. He continues to produce on the field. He is not a glamour pick but he scores decent points every week.

Bench their Butts

QB Jason Campbell of Washington. Campbell will be playing against a tough Giants defense this week. Let him ride your bench this week.

QB Donovan McNabb of Philadelphia. : McNabb had a bad game last week and was benched for the second half. Benching could have a very negative effect on McNabb. I would bench him this week and she how he responds.

RB Matt Forte of Chicago. It would be difficult not to start Forte but they are playing against a stingy Vikings’ defense.

RB Clinton Portis of Washington. Portis is questionable and they are going against a tough Giants team. Keep Portis on the bench.

WR Calvin Johnson
of Detroit. CJ is the only real weapon for Detroit. He has been fantasy money. This week they are taking on the excellent Titans defense. If you have other options, leave Johnson on the bench.

WR Donald Driver of Green Bay. Driver is not the same fantasy option he used to be. They are playing against a really good Panthers defense. I expect the Packers to struggle against the Panthers.

The Counselor is OUT:


T.D. said...

I have to respectfully disagree with some of your sits, owing to the "ride your studs" theory. Matchups are relevant, don't get me wrong. But tell that to the poor slobs (me being one of them) who benched Michael Turner last week because of his allegedly "tough matchup" against the Panthers' D. At this point, looking at the Panthers' recent woes against ATL and DET (although they did win that game thanks to a late bad decision courtesy of Daunte Culpepper ... they were underwhelming IMHO) in the past few weeks, I would say their defense is toeing the line of getting the "overrated" label. In any event, I think they are no longer deserving of the "really good" label as you describe them here.

So, if it were me, I would not be concerned about Driver due to the matchup. Clearly Jennings is the #1 option, so I think you could expect what you'd ordinarily get from Driver: a few receptions, maybe 70 yards, and possibly a TD although likely not. I don't think that would be any different no matter who GB is facing for an opponent.

To me, Forte has earned the 'must-start' or 'unbench-able' label regardless of the matchup. You have alluded to this, so we're on the same wavelength, I just wouldn't bench him.

And Calvin Johnson ... I would play him. Lav Coles looked pretty good against the Titans' stout D, and to me he doesn't have nearly the freakish skills that Megatron has. That said, admittedly CJ also doesn't have the great one Brett Favre throwing him the football. Still, on Turkey Day I think he will be looking to make an impact in front of a national TV audience (rare for the Lions!). And if the Titans take an early lead as we might expect, Detroit will be forced to throw even more and Calvin might be good for some "garbage time" stats even if he struggles early.

Larry Litle said...


Great comments. Very well thought out. I will post these comments and share my own thoughts on these.

Thanks for responding.