Monday, October 15, 2007

Lessons from the Cowboy's loss

The Counselor is IN:

The Patriots came to play in Dallas. Dallas did play well but did not bring there full "A" game. Here are some lessons that I think can be learned from Sunday's Cowboy loss to the Patriots.

1) Penalties, Penalties, Penalties: The Cowboys were in double digits for penalties. How many first and 10's turned into first and 20's. There were a few phantom calls that went against the Cowboys but the Patriots did get a phantom offensive pass interference call against Moss. The worst penalties were the False Start and Holding penalties. Without these drive killing penalties, it would have been a different game. We must stop making stupid penalties.

2) The Cowboy defense looked really good for 3 quarters. Yes they gave up a lot of yards and TD’s but it was not because of them. Brady was on FIRE. Dallas' defense rushed Brady, stopped the run, and the covered receivers very well over all. The defense wore down in the fourth.

3) You must show up for 4 quarters when playing the better teams in the league. As usual the Cowboys offense did not play well in the first quarter. If only they could have played the first quarter like they did the second quarter.

4) Marion Barber III is a stud. He runs with such passion. Julius Jones is a fine back but Barber is the heart of this running attack. He knows how to attack. And what a stiff arm!

5) The Patriots are not invincible. The Cowboys had the lead in the third quarter. They were still in the game half way through the fourth quarter. Ultimately, the Dallas Defense was just on the field way to long.

The Counselor is OUT:

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