Monday, October 08, 2007

Are you freakin kidding me????

The Counselor is IN:

Are you freakin kidding me???? What a bizarre Monday Night Football game. As a Cowboy fan, I am glad about how it ended but it was an awful rollercoaster ride of emotions. I can not believe that we won this game. Amazing! How many times did I think this game was over for my Cowboys? The onside kick never works when the defense is looking for it, except for tonight.

The hero of the game for Dallas was Nick Folk. Earlier in the game, he kicked a 49' field goal which was the longest in his short lived professional career. At the end of a game, by a miracle, he was given a chance to make the game winner. It was a 53' field goal that did not count because the Bills called the last second time out (Bush League!!!). Folk, who had never made a kick this long in any game, lined up and nailed it again. The Cowboys win and they have the kicker they have been looking for. I guess Nick will never be allow to grow any hair since he made this kick bald.

Tony Romo is such a classy and funny guy. He threw 5 interceptions and fumbled the ball. After the game he stated his team bailed him out of a terrible performance. He then joked about he felt he threw 7 or 8 interceptions in the first half instead of just 4. You could tell he loves what he does for a living but he was frustrated most of the night.

I hope this game was the scare that the Cowboys needed. They have to play the nasty Patriots Defense this coming up weekend and they better get prepared. If they play at all like they did tonight, the Cowboys will get slaughtered. Here is to hoping that Romo and T.O. play a much better game Sunday. Go Cowboys!

On other good news, the Indians beat the Yankees. What a great night!!!

The Counselor is OUT:

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