Sunday, October 21, 2007

Commentators crown Patriots 7 games in!

The Counselor is IN:

Here we are in week 7 of the season. We are not even half way through the season. The Patriots remain undefeated by squashing the Dolphins. I am hearing commentators on the various networks discussing the Patriots going 19-0.

(In my best bad commentator voice) "The 72 Dolphins are nervous!" Are you kidding me? There are 9 more regular season games left for the Patriots. Then the Patriots would have to win every game in the post season including the Super Bowl.

The Patriots still have to play the undefeated world champion Colts. The Colts should be the team to beat instead of the Patriots. More than likely the Patriots would have to play the Colts again in the Playoffs. The Patriots are loaded with talent this year but so are the Colts yet many commentators are discounting the Colts.

This post is no slam on the Patriots. They outplayed my Cowboys last week. Tom Brady has been a monster and is having an unbelievable year. They are a great team. Their coaching staff is superior. But during this long season, it will be difficult to go undefeated.

Message for the Commentators , If the Patriots are still undefeated December, then you can start talking about the 72 Dolphins. Until then, (as Mike and Mike would say) just shut up!

The Counselor is OUT:

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