Saturday, October 20, 2007

Balancing fandom and Fantasy team ownership

The Counselor is IN:

As an avid fan of my team and a Fantasy Football owner, I have faced the quandary. My Fantasy Football team's Quarterback is playing against my team. Do I cheer for my team at the expense of my fantasy team or do I hope my QB scores a lot? There are several senerios like this that we face week to week including opponnets have my teams players on their starting roster.

The ideal situation if for my team to get out to a huge lead early and to maintain it. Then I can feel comfortable with my fantasy QB scoring a lot of points while my team comfortably wins. This is a rarity. Usually it comes down to one having to win and the other having to lose.

I have come to the following determination for myself in these situations. I will cheer for my team to win at the expense of my fantasy team. I play and enjoy fantasy sports but being a fan of my team is a bigger part of who I am. I don't own any jerseys or ball caps for fantasy teams. As much as I love to brag about my fantasy sports championships, I will brag even more when my team wins the Superbowl. I am sure that other fans have differing views of balancing this out. What are your thoughts?

The Counselor is OUT:

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