Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Things I have Learned ... Buccaneers at the Panthers.

The Counselor is IN:

Things I have Learned ... Buccaneers at the Panthers.

1) Runningbacks DeAngelo Williams and Jonathan Stewart are phenomenal combination. If one is having a rough week, then the other one picks up the slack. When they are both on fire, they can put up 299 yards rushing, like they did against a good Bucs defense.

2) WR Antonio Bryant displayed why he is a top level talent. He had nine receptions and 200 yards receiving. He also displayed his immaturity by getting a stupid and careless penalty.

3) QB Jake Delhomme has struggled all season. He has not looked like the top Tier Quarterback from a few years back. But he still knows how to find Steve Smith.

4) QB Jeff Garcia can still put up great numbers. He had 321 yards and 2 touchdowns.

5) WR Steve Smith is starting to put up numbers of a top fantasy Wide Receiver. He was the top fantasy WR a few years ago and may get back to that.

6) Both of these teams defense are suppose to be tough to play against. They did not look like it this weekend. Tampa could not stop the run and Carolina could not stop the pass. Look for these weaknesses to be exploited more.

Those are a few things I learned from the Buccaneers at the Panthers.

The Counselor is OUT:

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