Friday, September 14, 2007

Wade Wilson ponders his suspension

The Counselor is IN:

Dallas' Quarterback coach Wade Wilson has diabetes. In an attempt better control his diabetes, Wilson bought human growth hormones. HGH is illegal for anyone in the NFL to buy, including coaches. Wilson did not know the rule applied to coaches when he purchased them. He did turn over all of his records to the league offices so he could prove he was not distributing HGH to the players. His attempt to control his health issues cost him $100,000 and a five game suspension. He made a mistake and has been paying for it.

According to an ESPN article, Wilson is curious why his bad choice cost him a huge portion of his salary along with a five game suspension when Coach Belichick will not serve a suspension for on the field cheating.

"I did something wrong, but I did it only to benefit myself, not to gain a competitive advantage," Wilson said. "I accepted my punishment and moved on, but this is kind of a different deal. The percentage of my salary that I was fined is substantially more than the percentage he was fined as far as I can tell. I mean, $500,000 is nothing to laugh at -- but neither is $100,000. The punishment is definitely not the same in my opinion. (ESPN)

"I'm contemplating whether to write a letter because I accepted the punishment for my violation didn't appeal and went about my business. All I'm asking for is an explanation, and I know exactly what the commissioner is going to say because I've read his comments, but it might make me feel better." (ESPN)

Wilson later said he might explore whether the window in which he had to appeal his punishment might still be open. He's hoping to use Belichick's punishment to make the point that he believes the sanctions he suffered were unfair in comparison. (ESPN)

The punishments do not seem to balance out in severity. It seems that the League is more concerned about personal use of HGH for a true health reason rather than cheating on the field of play. It seems that the League's priorities are out of line on this one.

Commissioner Roger Goodell has done a great job up till now. I am assuming that he will get it right most of the time. Hopefully he will review both cases and see his inconstancy.

The Counselor is OUT:

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