Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Cowboys pick up a Suspended Tank

The counselor is IN:

According to an
ESPN story, The Dallas Cowboys have come to an agreement with suspended DT Tank Johnson. Tank will not be eligible to play for the Cowboys until week 9. He was suspended after violating his probation with a gun charge.

This blog post will not be unbiased. I am a Dallas Cowboy fan. I started loving the Cowboys back in the days of Roger and Tony. I have been one through thick and thin. I will be posting this from a fan's perspective.

The Dallas Cowboys signing of former Chicago Bears DT Tank Johnson brings mixed feelings for this Cowboy fan. Tank Johnson is a heck of a defensive lineman. But we also do not need troublemakers on our team. I remember the mid to late 90's when the behaviors on some Cowboy players were horrific.

Johnson was signed for $255,000 this season, the prorated portion of a minimum contract. This is a great price for a really good defensive lineman. The cost financially lends itself to the Cowboys taking a chance on Tank. He should be able to step in and help a defensive line devastated with the season ending injury to starting nose tackle
Jason Ferguson.

I am trying to balance out the good possibilities with the bad that come from signing Tank Johnson. He could make our defense much better. He could also be a cancer to our team. Ultimately I have to give Tank Johnson a chance for redemption. I am hopeful that he will be a changed man for his own sake and the Cowboys. I know that I have needed several second chances in my life. I also know that I had to make the best out of them when given them or I would pay the consequences. Hopefully Tank understands that a second chance also means that everyone will be watching your behavior like a hawk.

The counselor is OUT:

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