Sunday, September 28, 2008

Things that I have learned... Bucs vs. Packers

The Counselor is IN:

Things I Have Learned... from the Bucs vs the Packers.

1) The Bucs defense is back to their old selves. They were flying around the field, making plays, and hitting the snot out of the Packers.

2) WR Greg Jennings is past the title of emerging stud and holds the title of Stud Wide for the Packers. He is now the main target for Rogers. Driver is no longer number 1 on the list.

3) The Packers' defense is good but they can not win games alone.

4) The combination of running styles of Graham and Dunn is a great balance. Dunn is too old to carry the load alone but he is a great change of pace with his speed.

5) QB Aaron Rogers did not have a great game but had moments of brilliance. He looked like a fist year starter in this game. He did flash is potential and big play ability before he was injured.

6) Green Bay's running game was pitiful against a tough Tampa Bay defense. The Packers need to be able to run the ball so Rogers is not killed by the blitz or presses too hard.

7) Even though Tampa was able to run the ball, they kept throwing the ball and making mistakes. Griese was not impressive. They need to be able to run the ball to set up the passing game. They almost blew the game because they did not have confidence to run the ball like they should.

Those are a few things I learned from the Bucs vs the Packers game.

The Counselor is OUT:

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