Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Walsh to testify about Patriots Taping procedures

The Counselor is IN:

Matt Walsh, the former video assistant with the New England Patriots, has agreed to discuss the Patriots taping producers with Commissioner Goodell on May 13. He has agreed to turn over any video to support his potential allegations.

The agreement also requires Mr. Walsh to return any tapes and other items in his possession that belong to the Patriots. In return, the NFL and the Patriots have promised not to sue Mr. Walsh. They also will indemnify him for any expenses, including legal fees that he incurs in connection with the interview. (ESPN)

I am not sure if Commissioner Goodell is investigating this further because he believes there might be more to the story than what he was told or if he is doing this to keep congress off of his back. Senator Specter did blister the Commissioner for destroying evidence. Specter also has stated that he wished he could have seen the tapes.

Either way this story is not going away until Walsh testifies and presents evidence before Goodell. Even then, Congress could do their own investigation. What happens if there is support for the rumors of taping of the Rams final practice before the Super Bowl? Could the Patriots or Bill Belichick receive more discipline than the slap on the wrist from the Jets taping? What if the Patriots have been cheating for years and using it in games? We will have to wait and see.

The Counselor is OUT:

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