Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Skipping your pick strategy

The Counselor is IN:

There is some discussion that the Tuna might not select anyone with the Dolphins’ number one pick. Miami could hold onto the card and let the Rams go on the clock. Then they can jump in front of any team after that to make their selection. This could save them a bundle of cash and they could still get a top pick.

This strategy is not only possible but very much in line with the rules. This has been verified by the NFL front offices. The question remains if Bill Parcels would really want to use this. It comes across as very bush league.

If the Dolphins do this, I could see other teams using it also during this draft. The Kansas City Chiefs would love to trade down if OT Jake Long is not there. They might use this strategy to pick later and still get a good OL without having to pay number 5 money for them. Other teams might also consider it.

If Parcels and the Dolphins use this strategy, I can see the rules committee changing it completely next year.

If it does happen, there might be a discussion on a rookie contract salary cap, like in the NBA. A rookie really should not make as much as a top 5 veteran player at their position but often this is the case with these early pick contracts. These top pick contracts can destroy a team if that player does not work out

It could get very interesting on Draft Day.

The Counselor is OUT.

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