Sunday, January 20, 2008

Things I Have Learned... from 2008 playoffs week 3.

Things I Have Learned... from 2008 playoffs week 3

Here are my thoughts from both playoff games.

The Counselor is IN:

1) Never rely on a DVR and decide to see a movie with a couple of friends during the playoffs. I came home to find the DVR signal all messed up. I missed all of Chargers/ Patriots game. I did watch the movie Cloverfield as a consolation.

2) Green Bay in January is not where I would want to play. It is a huge home field advantage.

3) WR Plaxico Burress is finally healthy and he is a stud Wide Receiver. He is becoming a truly elite receiver.

4) On top of the weather, benches and helmet stands without the heat working on the Giants sidelines is a huge advantage.

5) WR Donald Driver (the old man of the Packers' receiving corps) is still a good wide out with good speed. A 90 TD catch was proof of it.

6) QB Eli Manning has finally lived up to his potential. He is making a lot of good reads and passes. He has become the leader of the Giants. He is Super Bowl bound. It begs one question: What shadow?

7) Penalties will kill you. Green Bay Penalties gave the Giants a touchdown. The Giants had their own big penalties that lead to a touchdown. Neither team can make these kinds of mistakes and expect to beat the Patriots.

8) Special teams plays were big in this game. Forty yard kick off returns give you great field position.

9) RB Ahmad Bradshaw continues to impress me. He is a great change of pace for the bruiser Jacobs. He is quick and hard to catch.

10) There is nothing like overtime in the playoffs. An intercept of Favre leads to Tynes finally making a big kick for the Giants to win.

11) I would never have believed that the Giants would win the NFC but that is why they play the game.

12) Congratulations to the Patriots and Giants. I am going to say something that a Cowboy fan should never have to say, "Go Giants!". (Yuck- That was a bad taste!)

Those are a few things I learned from 2008 playoffs week 3.

The Counselor is OUT:

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