Saturday, December 29, 2007

Why I hate the 2007 Patriots!

The Counselor is IN:

The 2007 Patriots are a great team. They just accomplished an undefeated regular season. Congratulations to them. They have been exciting to watch.

In the past, I have appreciated them as a classy organization. This year, I hate this team. Even though they are a great team, I still hate the fact that they have continued to win. Here are my reasons why I can not stand them this year.

1) Spygate- A team that prides itself on winning the right way should not need to cheat to win. This was not a one time incident. Many other teams have complained of the Patriots inappropriately videotaping on the sidelines over the last couple of years.

2) Lack of Personal responsibility with Spygate- When caught doing something wrong, no-one stepped forward and took responsibility. Hey Bill, be a man and admit when you are wrong!

3) Smugness of players and coaches- Every interview I have seen with members of the Patriots, leaves distaste in my mouth. They act like an undefeated season was owed to them.

4) All of the early talk about an undefeated season- This is not the Patriots' fault. The talking heads had crowned them 19-0 after they won their 5th game. I grew weary of this quickly.

5) Overshadowing my Cowboys- The Dallas Cowboys are 13-2. They have had a great season. The talking heads should be discussing how good my Cowboys are but instead they only want to discuss these Patriots. Also the Patriots gave my team one of their losses.

6) The Swami and the Tuna comparing great teams- ESPN has been leading the hype of this team. They have Parcells and Berman not only comparing this Patriots team to the great teams of the past but discussing how this team would beat all of those teams except the 78 Steelers. Crazy talk!

The Counselor is OUT:

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