Wednesday, December 05, 2007

What it'll take for the Patriots to Lose- Top 10 List

The Counselor is IN:

Pete McEntegart has an entertaining top 10 list about What it'll take for the Patriots to Lose on FanNation. If you have not checked out Pete or FanNation, then you are missing out. With Pete's permission, I will post his enjoyable article below.

After watching the Patriots' Houdini act to escape last night against the Ravens and keep their quest for a perfect season alive, it's reasonable to ask: What in the world does a team have to do to beat New England? Stab a wooden stake through its collective heart? Fortunately, the 10 Spot has the answers. Here are the top 10 things it will take for the Patriots to lose:

10. Have opposing cheerleaders stretch inside Patriots locker room

9. Super Bowl berths decided by BCS

8. An act of God, and by "God" we obviously mean Brett Favre

7. Convince Randy Moss that Tom Brady is dissing him behind his back

6. Remind karma that Boston's won enough this year

5. Separately invite Gisele and Bridget Moynahan to the game, seat them together; cat fight!

4. Replace secret video of opponent's signals with director's cut of Gigli

3. Deduct a touchdown from any team whose coach looks homeless

2. Force Rodney Harrison to share his HGH with opponents

1. Don't throw a flag every time the Pats fail on fourth down


The Counselor is OUT:

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