Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Making a List, Checking it twice...

The Counselor is In:

How have I been spending my evenings lately? I have been making my Fantasy Baseball List. I am compiling it from my different resources. I am putting them in an Excel spreadsheet. I am making adjustments to it as I go.

This is a part of the work of owning a Fantasy Sports Team. My draft is going to be on April 8th. I should complete my initial list by this Thursday night. I will be working on the list, revamping it, adding to it, and removing players from it on a nightly basis afterward. I will be checking Rotoworld and RotoTimes for the latest updates on players.

I will then be re-checking the list before the draft. I will go through and double check that each player on my list is on the 25 man roster. I will see if they are in the starting lineup or if they are bench players.

Finally, I will check for the latest updates on player an hour before the draft. I want to have the most current information going into the draft. This will give me an edge in the draft.

The Counselor is Out.

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