Wednesday, March 01, 2006

NFL Collective Bargaining Agreement

The Counselor is now in:

The NFL and the Players Union are currently at a stand still for the Collective Bargaining Agreement. If this is not resolved, it will send about one third of the teams into salary cap crisis. The result will be for teams to be cutting players like crazy. It also will put things into motion for there not to be a salary cap for 2007.

The NFL has become the top watched sport in the U.S. There are a few reasons for this but one of the main reasons is parity. When baseball starts every year, there are a few teams that we know will make the playoffs. Occasionally, a different team will make the playoffs but it will usually be only for that year. With the NFL, any team can make it any given year. Yes, even the Arizona Cardinals have a chance to make the playoffs and win the Super Bowl.

The reasons that the owners and players are getting rich, is that this is the top watched sport. If you can not get along and ruin it, it will eventually not only ruin it for the fans and the owners, but also the players. The players must remember that it is in their best interests also for this sport to thrive.

Here is my plea as a fan and as a Fantasy Football junkie: Get it together and do it quick! We don't want this to be drawn out. Fix it and do it now. You are all adults- now act like it. Do not ruin your fan base for a few bucks. It will not help the NFL or the Players Union either one to get your fans upset with you. Take a look at the NHL. Now, see how bad it can turn out.

These sorts of things can send chills down a FF owner. It makes us insecure about the future of our players and how they will be on new teams. We have enough of that normally without this kind of thing.

The Counselor is now out.

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