Thursday, March 16, 2006

Fantasy Baseball Draft Prep- basics

The Counselor is IN:

What are you doing to prepare for the upcoming Fantasy Baseball Draft? Here is what other owners are doing.

1) Some people are waiting until the night before and they will cram from the draft. These guys are the usual bottom dwellers. I have known a few exceptions. This is similar to cramming for a test in school. It is not often when you cram that you are going to be top of the class. They often don't even really understand what their team's needs are.

2) Some people will get there one magazine and absorb it. They will study it for weeks. They will know what their magazine from the front cover to the back cover. The problem that they run into is they are only getting one perspective. If they did not get the internet update, then they are also getting a lot of old information. They are much further along than the crammer but still are missing vital information. These are often the middle of the line owners but can pull out a good season here and there.

3) Some owners have multiple mags/cheatsheets and updates and are studying and making their own lists of players and values. They take the different information compile it with their own thoughts and needs for their league. These players are your upper level fantasy owners. These players will come in with a strategy and attempt to control the auction.

4) The final type of owner will do everything that the third type will do but be even more dedicated. These owners will know what transactions just happened right before the draft and will have an understanding of how that might affect things. They will use websites like Rotoworld to keep up to minute on what is going on.

I am the 4th type of owner. I am constantly checking the notes on Rotoworld, working and re-working my lists and values. This is the only way for me to stay on top.

My advice, become a type 3 or 4 owner. Hope that your league does not have very many of them. Identify who they are and know your competition. Know that they are prepared and you should be also.

The Counselor is Out:

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