Saturday, April 24, 2010

Post Draft Blues

The Counselor is IN:

I am sitting in my easy chair relaxing. I have a bla feeling and I am unmotivated to do anything. It is the post NFL Draft Blues.

The NFL Draft is the high point of the off season for NFL Fans. There is a level of Christmas morning anticipation the new players which our team will select. We ask ourselves questions like: "Will our team go and get that great player that I loved in college last year?"; "Will our team listen to the fans and focus on that one position?"; or "Will our GM (or owner) go make a crazy move and cause me to yell at the TV?"

I have been preparing for the Draft for several months. At Cowboys Pride, we have been examining mock drafts and prepping our owns. There is a sense of relief when you finally complete a project but there is also a let down.

I loved the Cowboys pick of Dez Bryant. He was worth moving up to select. I do think he is a huge talent and will upgrade the Cowboys all ready good receivers.

I am sure the Cowboys' other picks will work out. I think they were value picks. But I am discouraged that we did not meet the needs of the Free Safety and Offensive Line with early picks. I am sure some of my frustration has led to my blues.

The Counselor is OUT:

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