Monday, May 10, 2010

JaMarcus Russell will catch on but should he?

The Counselor is IN:

There is no doubt in my mind that former number 1 draft pick JaMarcus Russell will be picked up by a team before the start of the 2010 season. He will probably be the backup for the team that finds room for him. With his huge arm and tons of untapped potential, someone will believe that they can develop Russell where the Raiders failed. After all, the Raiders are not exactly the ideal place to develop a young quarterback.

The huge arm on Russell does bring comparisons to Jeff George. In the three years in Oakland, Russell started 25 games and went 7-18. He threw for 4083 yards, 18 Tds, 23 Ints, and a 52.1 completion percentage. George had better stats with his first team. Russell started 49 games for Indianapolis with 27602 yards, 154 Tds and 113 Int. and 57.9 completion percentage

Jeff George’s numbers were better than Russell’s numbers. Russell was not given the opportunity to play regularly that George was given and George had an additional season. The biggest number that jumps out is George’s 57.9 completion percentage versus Russell’s pathetic 52.1 completion percentage.

The biggest difference between George and Russell has been their attitudes. George was a bad boy and a cancer in the locker room. He could bring a clubhouse to its knees faster than Terrell Owens. Russell does not have the prima donna attitude of George but he appears to have a worse attitude. It appears he does not care about playing football, improving, winning, or team. It seems he only cared about getting his payday for being the number one overall pick. To me, this is far worse.

The Counselor is OUT:

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