Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Line 'em up/ Bench their butts

The Counselor is IN:

This column's intent is to give the readers an idea of few good players in favorable match ups and a few good players in bad match ups. If you have a great player, then it may not advisable to bench him for someone in the Line 'em Up section. If I suggest that you bench one of your studs, you can only do this if you have a good option behind him. If you don't have a good player behind him, don't bench 'em. Remember every league is different and I am advising from a standard league.

Line ‘em Up

QB Philip Rivers of San Diego. Rivers has a great match up this weekend against the Chiefs. The Chiefs just won their biggest game in year last weekend against the Steelers. They will not continue their momentum and display why they are 28th against the pass.

QB Matt Hasselbeck of Seattle. The uneven Seahawks are playing against the consistently bad Rams. The Rams are 24th against the pass. This could be a big game for Matt.

RB Marion “The Barbarian” Barber of Dallas. The Cowboys offense has been sputtering the last few weeks. They need to get the running game going so they can use the play action pass. They should right the running game this week with Barber going against the 30th ranked rush defense in Oakland. I look for a ton of carries for Barber.

RB Ricky Williams of Miami. Ricky proved he could carry the load without Brown last weekend. This weekend the 4th ranked rushing team goes against the 31 ranked run defense of the Bills. I expect Ricky will continue to look like the Ricky of old.

WR Mike Sims-Walker of Jacksonville. This guy is a stud but very few people know about Sims-Walker. He has a great match up against the 30th ranked pass defense. I look for a big week for him.

WR Greg Jennings of Green Bay. Jennings is a great play this weekend. The Lions are 32nd against the pass. I expect him and Rogers to hook up a great deal on Thanksgiving.

Bench their Butts

QB Eli Manning of the New York Giants. Eli has been in a slump of late. This week will not be easy for him as he goes against the 3rd ranked pass defense in the Broncos.

QB Donovan McNabb of Philadelphia. McNabb will face the #1 pass defense of the Redskins. The Redskins held the Cowboys to just a touch down last weekend. I look for them to stifle the Eagles also.

RB Matt Forte of Chicago. Forte is the poster boy for Sophomore slump. This week he faces the mighty Vikings Defense. Keep Forte on the bench this week.

RB Ray Rice of Baltimore. Rice has a terrible match up against the great run defense of the Steelers (#1 against the run). I would only bench him if you have a fantastic backup on your bench. It is something to consider but hard to pull the trigger on benching Rice.

WR Steve Smith of the Carolina. Smith’s time of fantasy stud has come and gone. He is a WR3 at best. This week, he has a horrible match up against the 4th ranked Panther’s passing defense.

WR Brandon Marshall of Denver. The Bronco’s team has gone cold over the last few weeks. Orton is still injured. Denver is facing the 2nd ranked pass defense in the Giants. Marshall is another always play guy but if you have a great back up, then consider sitting him this week.

The Counselor is OUT:

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