Monday, October 26, 2009

Sweet, Sweet Flacco Action!

The Counselor is IN:

Ever wonder if a great knowledge of sports actually helps an owner in a fantasy league. A couple of buddies, Rob and Bryan, had this discussion. It spawned a delightful fantasy blog about their competion in a Fantasy Football League. Check out their description of their site and then check them out at Sweet, Sweet Flacco Action!

It's been debated at length elsewhere, we're sure, but how the hell does actual sports knowledge play into fantasy sports success? Bryan says: "A lot." Rob says: "The opposite of a lot." So two roommates on the opposite ends of the fanship spectrum will do battle on the hallowed field of pretend athleticism and see who will eat the most crow. Spiced with blood, sweat, and beer.

Both Rob and Bryan will enter the same head-to-head Fantasy Football league and both will participate in live drafts. Their teams will be listed on the Our Teams page and updated as trades, adds, and drops occur.

From there, they'll update on how they're doing in their league, and more importantly, against each other. And because everyone's a fan of a little irreverence, they'll be sure to share with you their thoughts on all the sportscasting flubs, ridiculous headlines, and insipid commercials as they happen to come along. (SSFA)

The Counselor is OUT:

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