Sunday, October 11, 2009

Are the Cowboys really this bad?

The Counselor is IN:
(Special Dallas Cowboys Edition)

I have watched at least a portion of every Chiefs game this season because I live in Chiefs country. This Chiefs team is really bad. They are a team with a bad offensive line. Larry Johnson is a has-been. The Chief’s defense is in flux. They have moved from a 4-3 last year to a 3-4 this year without the players to do it. There is a good reason the Chiefs were 0-4 going into Week 5.

The Dallas Cowboys came into the Chiefs game needing to prove that they could dominate a bad team. They failed at this miserably.

The Achilles heel of the Cowboys for years has been the stupid penalties and this was apparent in this game. It is called a lack of DISCIPLINE! Both sides of the ball made lame brain plays that cost yardage, 1st downs, and momentum. They will never win consistently if this does not change with some personal DISCIPLINE.

The Cowboys continued to struggle in the Red Zone and picked up field goal attempts (missing one) instead of touch downs. This goes hand in hand with the stupid penalties because many of the Red Zone drives have been killed with penalties. When they get in the red zone they need to bring out the killer instinct and punch it in.

A lack of focus by our receivers allowed several catches to become drops. Some of these were touch downs that did not happen and others were 3rd down conversions.

They struggled to move the ball on the ground when the Boys' offensive line far out weighs the Chiefs’ D-Line. This completely baffles me. How are we not able to run the ball on a terrible defense like the Chiefs? We should have had over 200 yards on the ground.

Early fumbles set the Cowboys behind the 8 Ball. We allowed the momentum of this game to quickly shift to the Chiefs and allowed it to stay with them most of the game.

So are we really this bad? Yes. Let me quote our former coach, Bill Parcells, "You are what your record says you are."

The Counselor is OUT:

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