Saturday, February 14, 2009

How about Vick?

The Counselor is IN:

The Cowboys priority during this off season needs to be a quality backup quarterback. It would best to pick up a QB with experience and that could push Tony Romo. Doyle and I discussed this on the radio a few weeks ago. The issue will be a lack of quality backup quarterbacks on the market. It is doubtful that Warner or Collins will be allowed to be true free agents and I also doubt either will be interested in riding the bench behind Romo. Garcia may be the best option but he is unlikely to come to Dallas with Owens still on the roster.

While watching ESPN tonight, I found an interesting candidate. The Atlanta Falcons are attempting to find a trade partner for Michael Vick. It is doubtful that any team will be willing to give up a draft pick for this felon. I anticipate that Vick will be released from the Falcons.

Vick is a former starter and should be willing to sit the bench after serving time for his federal dog fighting conviction. He is a player that could push Romo if Tony struggles. If Vick still possess his athleticism and speed, the Boys might even institute the Wild Cat formation.

Vick will be looking to reform his reputation and the Boys might be able to put the right people around him to assist in this process. Jerry is looking to prove to his critics and he still can rehab the problem children of the league after the Pacman fiasco. This kind of deal could get done.

I think Vick might be able to come to Valley Ranch and help the Boys while the Boys help Vick. It makes a lot of sense if Jerry can arrange a deal where Vick will not receive any guaranteed money. It makes business sense and fits a need, but as a fan that would like to see this team jell and play like a team. I think Vick would be the wrong answer.

The Counselor is OUT:

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