Saturday, February 28, 2009

Cassel: Chiefs' Royalty or Jester?

The Counselor is IN:

Last year QB Matt Cassel made the most out of his opportunities when Brady went down for the season. He was rewarded with a big contract this off season in the form of the franchise tag. The Kansas City Chiefs, being led by former Patriot Director and new GM Pioli, traded away the 34th pick in the draft for Cassel and Vrabel.

No one in Missouri is surprised by this trade. There have been rumors of a trade for Matt since Scott Pioli's name was mentioned with the GM job. Just the thought of Cassel landing in Kansas City has their fans buzzing with excitement.

This move has essentially benched QB Tyler Thigpen, who was playing fairly well at the end of the season. Thigpen was a decent fantasy starter in the last half of the 2008 fantasy football season. Matt Cassel had not started a game since high school at the time he took over for the injured Brady but he had a sensational season when given the opportunity.

The Chiefs fans are hoping that Cassel is really the football stud that he appeared to be last year. They have penned all of their hopes for the future on this young man. Many Kansas City fan believe that he can lead them to the promise land of a Super Bowl.

I am wondering if Cassel is as good as he looked last year for the Patriots or if he was just a product of the Patriots system. Why did he not start one game in College if he is really this good? I believe Matt will soon realize that life will be different playing for the Chiefs rather than the Patriots. The Patriots are a top tier team with an offensive line that can protect their quarterback. The Chiefs' O-Line has been in flux and has their share of challenges for this next year.

At this point, I do not know if Cassel will be Kansas City Royalty and the stud they believe he will be or if he was only a product of the Patriots and becomes yet another court jester that has stepped behind center for the Chiefs.

The Counselor is OUT:

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