Wednesday, August 23, 2006

T.J. Duckett Trade- What does it mean for your draft?

The Counselor is IN:

T.J. Duckett was traded yesterday from the Falcons to the Redskins. Duckett only had one year left on his contract and he has never panned out the way the Falcons had envisioned him working out. What does this trade mean to you?

1) The Redskins gave a 3rd or 4th round pick up for Duckett. This speaks volumes on the health of Portis. I would move Portis down your list for the draft. I would keep him the second tier of running backs but I would not draft him 4th over all any longer.

2) This will slightly increase Duckett's value. Portis is still the Redskins man when healthy. Duckett should end up with a some of the goal line carries even when Portis returns. His value is more increased in TD Heavy or TD only leagues. I moved him up a Tier in my rankings.

3) Betts, RB- Redskins, value is dropped significantly. Betts was the backup for Portis and looked to have some fantasy value but now he will need injuries to Duckett to gain any value. I would drop him off of your draft sheets if you had him on there.

4) Lelie, WR (formerly of the Broncos), was involved in this trade and is now in Atlanta. He was in the dog house in Denver. He is now 3rd on the depth cart for Atlanta. He is behind Michael Jenkins and Roddy White. White is a similar type of receiver to Lelie so it could affect his sleeper status. Lelie should move up a few positions and White down a few but I would not go crazy with moving either one. Neither one should be a fantasy starter.

5) Dunn, RB- Falcons, will be greatly affected by this trade and it should affect Dunn's value. Duckett was always getting the goal line carries for the Falcons instead of Dunn. Dunn should now get the majority of the Goal line carries. This should mean more TD's for Dunn. Move him up your draft sheet and expect more scoring from him.

The Counselor is OUT:

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