Sunday, August 06, 2006

Running Backs- Rankings

The Counselor is IN:

I put the players in my ranking and also in power groups. Each group member is being projected to be about the same level of player. Here is my first rankings for RB:

No., Last Name, First Name Team
1 Alexander, Shaun Seahawks
2 Tomlinson, Ladainian Chargers
3 Johnson, Larry Cheifs
4 Portis, Clinton Redskins
5 Johnson, Rudi Bengels
6 Williams, Cadillac Bucs
7 Jackson, Steven Rams
8 Brown, Ronnie Dolphins
9 Jordan, Lamont Raiders
10 Barber, Tiki Giants
11 McGahee, Willis Bills
12 Parker, Willie Steelers
13 Jones, Julius Cowboys
14 Rhodes, Dominic Colts
15 James, Edgerrin Cardinals
16 Dillion, Corey Patriots
17 McCallister, Deuce Saints
18 Jones, Kevin Lions
19 Davis, Domanick Texans
20 Westbrook, Brian Eagles
21 Benson, Cedric Bears
22 Bush, Reggie Saints
23 Droughns, Reuben Browns
24 Dunn, Warrick Falcons
25 Foster, Deshaun Panthers
26 Taylor, Chester Vickings
27 Lewis, Jamal Ravens
28 Dayne, Ron Broncos
29 Martin, Curtis Jets
30 Taylor, Fred Jags
31 Addai, Joseph Colts
32 Bell, Tatum Broncos
33 Brown, Chris Titans
34 Green, Ahman Packers
35 Duckett, TJ Falcons
36 Jones, Thomas Bears
37 Barlow, Kevan 49ers
38 Maroney, Laurence Patriots
39 Gore, Frank 49ers
40 Gado, Samkon Packers
41 Staley, Duce Steelers
42 Williams, Deangelo Panthers
43 Moats, Ryan Eagles
44 Jones, Greg Jags
45 Jacobs, Brandon Giants
46 Perry, Chris Bengels
47 Moore, Mewelde Vickings
48 Barber, Marion Cowboys
49 White, Lendale Titans
50 Anderson, Mike Ravens
51 Houston, Cedric Jets
52 Calhoun, Brian Lions
53 Toefield, Ryan Jags
54 Norwood, Jerious Falcons
55 Bryson, Shawn Lions
56 Blaylock, Derrick Jets
57 Pittman, Michael Bucs
58 Fisher, Tony Rams
59 Henry, Travis Titans
60 Davenport, Najeh Packers

Those are my rankings. Don't forget to check out Fantasy Sports Central and FF Toolbox and Footballguys for other free rankings. Feel free to let me know what you think of my rankings.

The Counselor is OUT:

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