Sunday, August 13, 2006

Tight End Rankings

The Counselor is IN:

I put the players in my ranking and also in power groups. Each group member is being projected to be about the same level of player. Here is my first rankings for TE:

No. Last Name First Name Team
1 Gates, Antonio, Chargers
2 Gonzalez, Tony, Cheifs
3 Witten, Jason, Cowboys
4 Heap, Todd, Ravens
5 Shockey, Jeremy, Giants
6 Crumpler, Alge, Falcons

7 Smith, L.J., Eagles
8 Miller, Heath, Steelers
9 Cooley, Chris, Redskins
10 Winslow, Kellen, Browns
11 Watson, Ben, Patriots
12 Davis, Vernon, 49ers
13 McMichaels, Randy, Dolphins

14 Clark, Dallas, Colts
15 Stevens, Jeramy, Seahawks
16 Wiggins, Jermaine, Vikings
17 Franks, Bubba, Packers
18 Troupe, Ben, Titans
19 Graham, Daniel, Patriots

20 Smith, Alex, Bucs
21 Scheffler, Tony, Broncos
22 Pollard, Marcus, Lions
23 Johnson, Eric, 49ers
24 Pope, Leonard, Cardinals
25 Klopfenstein, Joe, Rams
26 Clark, Desmond, Bears
27 Lewis, Marcedes, Jags
28 Putzier, Jeb, Texans
29 Baker, Chris, Jets
30 Conwell, Ernie, Saints
31 Hilton, Zachary, Saints
32 Anderson, Courtney, Raiders

The Counselor is OUT:

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